• When: 2019-08-09
  • QIC: Pepto
  • The PAX: Pepto, Chop Block, Ryan’s, Pebbles, Dance Off, FN3, Black Lung, Sweetart, Watergate, Shag, Pinot, Steel Toe, Olive Oil, Double Fault, Cheddar, Wolverine, Booster

Futbol at Clash

17 PAX posted at the pellet palace for another game of futbol with lacrosse goals. The soccer goals are locked up, but even if they weren’t, they don’t have nets on them, so there’s that.

In clash backblast fashion, your top 5 moments:

  1. Double Fault did team 1 a huge solid by swinging by the roadwork crew on I-20 in Lexington and grabbing their extra reflective vests so we could tell who was who. It worked for about 3 minutes, but the fabric was a little hot and the sizes were a little big, and for a small and fast guy like watergate, it created a parachute like the NFL guys use to train. He was the first one on team 1 to ditch the vest, and the rest followed. So for 57 minutes it was a good ole shirts v. skins game.
  2. Black Lung has a pretty sweet strawberry on his calf from when him and Dance Off had a futbol face off. Black Lung took a spill and the pellet palace made him pay. It is one of those gonna take a month to heal, gonna stick to the sheets kinda strawberries. Better get some heavy duty laundry detergent for that one Black Lung.
  3. YHC (Booster) had a beyond midfield goal into the lacrosse net that brought cheers and jeers alike. Was it a shot? Was it a pass? How can Booster miss from 5 feet but upper corner a lacrosse net from 60 yards? Boys let me tell you….. you’ll never know.
  4. Wolverine came and balled out per usual at everything that has been thrown at him since his initial F3theOcho coming out party. Next is bootcamp…..? He is creating quite a name for himself, even though it appears there may be another Wolverine in Lake Murray?!? Not sure if he will ever get a rename or we just roll with it.
  5. Last but certainly not least. I would be remiss to not mention my man Chop Blocks goal from close range. Did I mention that it was the only goal their team scored? Looking forward to hearing stories about him and his American football season this fall. Good luck bud!

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