• When: 2021-04-06
  • QIC: Dealers Choice
  • The PAX: Haggle, Spurrier, Valdez, Flapper, The Beast, FMJ, Rudder (YHC).

Dealers Choice (AKA Nobody signed up to Q)

YHC stepped up and led Warm-arama. Easiest part.


12 ea. in Cadence- SSH, IW’s, Little Baby Arm Circles, Squats, Merkins (Copperhead Style), LBC’s, Flutters, HillBilly’s, Finkle Swings.

The Thang:

TB stepped up to lead first 10min beatdown. Moseyed to school car-rider pickup loop. A given Exercise to street sign (100 feet) then finish loop with a Mosey. Exercises: Lunge, Schanke Broad Jump, Bearcrawl. 4th lap-Jailbreak on curves, Mosey on straightaways. Timer dings.

Spurrier Jumps on the Q train! Stays in Car rider area. No laps! Yeah! 10 reps of four exercises. AMCAP (As Many Cycles As Poss.). Not sure if that’s an actual acronym. Well, it is now!!! AMCAP!!!! CDD’s, Bib Boys, Merkins, Squats. Next set-Grab a bench) Explosive Squats(?), Dips, Step-ups, Decline Merkins. Timer dings!

Valdez next. Actually, there was that long pause, so he sounded off. Mosey to Green Deck. Suicides of various distances with assorted exercises at each mark. Nasty stuff. Sideways Bear crawls? What? work got done. Finished with 6 min of Mary. Shuttlecock would be proud-Spurrier called out 6″ and did a terrible countdown from 20. Felt like countdown from 100. Shuttlecock would have been proud!!

COT-Took excerpt from Art of Manliness about men struggle from moment of conception to old age. We must constantly embrace the struggle as it pushes us to be better men. To be providers and protectors of our families and community. It’s why we do the hard thing. We must Embrace the Suck!

Prayer of Thanksgiving for Spurrier dad. Prayers of healing for Megan  fighting Leukemia. Special healing for a young man thrown by a car in front of Haggle’s house (sounds dire).

Push The Rock! 



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