• When: 2019-02-09
  • QIC: Cottontail & Rudder
  • The PAX: The Beast, Haggle, Valdez, Pharmateer, Ramjack, Gepetto, Betty Crocker, WhoDat, Daddy Warbucks, Cheesesteak, Snowden

The Q Switcher-oo!!!

As you know, YHC didn’t post as Q when assigned last week. To say I fartsacked wouldn’t be accurate. I selected the wrong alarm time. I was ready and posted! I was simply an hour late. Be that as it may, Cottontail gave me his Q spot to assist my redemption. We also kept it a secret. He Q’d Wam-orama. For this, I’m indebted to him.



Warm orama: Merkins, IW, High Knees, Butt Kickers, TTT, Finkel Swings, Squats, MORE Merkins.

YHC tagged in for the Thang. Pax was……BLOWN AWAY! The classic Switcher-oo! Never saw it coming!

The Thang

Grab blocks and post at the tennis court. If a tennis court has no nets, is it really a tennis court? No. It’s now referred to as The Green Deck!

Pax partnered up. and find a corner. Pax 1 does Pistons (submitted as an official F3 exercise…no word yet). Pax 2 runs out a gate and around the fence and in the other gate and swaps with Pax 1. Reps continue until 200. As with any new exercise, lots of Mumblechatter. Q thrives on Mumblechatter!

Pax Cusacks blocks to the field. The three exercises with blocks will be Derkins, Incline Merkins (Irkins?) and Dips. Count for each was 15ea., 10 ea., 25 ea., respectively. The counts were on cards randomly drawn by The Beast’s 2.0 (later to be nicknamed Lil’ Beast). After completion, Pax runs to second power pole and back. R&R.

Pax Cusack’s blocks to said power pole and Q forms 4 spots in field with blocks for a 4 corner beatdown. Block 1: 5 4×4 and 5 BB, Lunge to Block 2 and 4 4×4’s and 10 BB, Broad Jump to Block 3 and 3 4×4’s and 15 BB. Backward Run to Block 4 and 2 4×4’s and 20 BB. Return to Block 1 and 1 4×4 and 25 BB. Recover. Much needed recover!

Mosey to Wally World (Wall). Dirty Pick-ups IC, Wall Sits with heel raises IC, Dirty Pick-ups IC and Wall Sits with heel raises IC. Balls to the wall.  Sorry…Lil’Beast present. (Did I mention it’s Beasts daughter?) Faces to the wall. Valdez counts us down by 30. The hard way.

Mosey to the field for Avalanche! Make a circle. Pax 1 calls an 1 rep exercise. Pax 2 calls a 2 rep exercize. So we do Pax 1 rep then Pax 2 reps. Pax 3 calls a 3 rep exercise. We do Pax 1’s, then Pax 2’s then Pax 3’s exercises. Pax 4 calls a 4 rep exercise. And so on….continuing around the circle. Pax made it to 8 before Cottontail announced the 7:30 bell. Beatdown complete.

Counta-rama, Nameo-a-Roma & COT & welcome to Lil’ Beast (Daughter to The Beast)

Ball of Man

Announcements: F3 Sawmill has a team sign-up for the Quarry Crusher. If 10 sign up online, team name goes on race t-shirt (immortalized?). Also have Ruckers entering!

Prayer requests: Haggle’s dad has knee surgery Wednesday. Kilowatt’s 2.0 still struggling with SOME kind of lower G.I. issues. Pray for a diagnosis!

Moleskin – Glad to Q for redemption from missing Tuesday. Pax gave strong effort with lots of Mumblechatter, but lots of effort. All got stronger. 14 posted thinking they were getting Top Shelf Army Breed Beatdown with Cottontail, to be shocked with a chaotic, fragmented Q by YHC. Suckers!

Quote of the day: When Lil Beast was asked her age…. “Hey Lil Beast, I’m closer to YOUR age than Rudders age”. Who knew even a 10 year old could get a creepy feeling?!?