• When: 2019-02-11
  • QIC: Cesspool
  • The PAX: Garnish (Fhead), Cornstache, Quick Books, Exit One, Welcome Week

In the thick of P200 training. Mondya HILLS it is!

6 PAX posted this soggy and chilly morning ready for more prep for the P200 that is looming just a little over a month away.  YHC showed up with a plan to run some hills but not just any old regular hills…Laurens, Barnwell, Henderson, and Pickens.  Twice!  Here’s the THANG!

Conditions:  Misty and 35.

The route by departing SPC down Devine through 5 points and right on Blossom.  This was a .8 mile warmup and right into sprint up Laurens to Greene.  Stache says, “that wasn’t much of a hill and he was right”.  OH JUST WAIT!

Jog back down Laurens and right on Blossom.  Take the Devine Street cut and right on Barnwell for a sprint to Greene.  Now that’s a hill!  Jog back down Barnwell and a right on Devine for the next installment.  Right on Henderson.  Sprint to Greene.  Turn around and jog back down to Blossom.  Right on Blossom passing several Bulls Eye guys!  Final hill in the sequence.  Right on Pickens and sprint to Greene.  This one was the longest and most severe.  Jog back to Blossom…Rinse and Repeat!

Left on Blossom and Left on Henderson.  Sprint to Greene.  Jog back down to Devine.  Left on Devine, left on Barnwell.  Sprint to Greene.  Jog back down and left on Devine to Blossom.  Left onto Laurens for the final hill sprint to Greene.

The route now was back on Greene through 5 points.  Right on Harden and left on Devine back to the AO.

Welcome Week was a little banged up from the weekend run so he let us know early, he’d do what he could.  Exit One was waiting on us at the AO when we returned.  Said he was looking all over Shandon for us.  WOOPS!

Total mileage was right at 4 miles with a gain of 200 feet of elevation.  YHC was with a group of speed demons and was bringing up the six the whole way.

BOM:  Cesspool


  • P200 coming up March 22-23.  If you’re not on a team, get on one.  It’s a blast.  All 3 F’s are in full effect.
  • Be on the lookout for details about a Convergence 4-6-19.
  • Ville to Ville is coming up April 13th.  Great time and much shorter event from Asheville to Greenville.  BEER run!  It’s sold out so if you’re interested please contact me.