• When: 2019-01-31
  • QIC: Snowden
  • The PAX: Ramjack, Ikea (respect), Valdez, Rudder (respect), Whodat (respect), Gepetto, Cottontail, Betty Crocker, Daddy Warbucs, Cheesesteak and YHC

Snowdens Sawmill VQ (or the day I encroached on Gepettos parking spot w/my hatchback)

Temps: 25* But dry. Brisk.

COP: Gave disclaimer then called
SSH X 12
TTT X 12
IW X 12
High Knees X 12
Butt Kicks X 10 (what?!)
Form 2 Corinthian Columns or lines and run to the stop sign. I’d envisioned running to a stop sign further down the road but Gepetto noticed a much closer stop sign.
thinking on my feat and not wanting a bunch of confused PAX I acquiesced and turned around. I wanted to get to the fun stuff anyway, we weren’t here to run.

The Thang:
Go grab a block. Sawmill has heavy blocks. Why are they so heavy?
Lets do blockies! Somebody complained about calling them blockies, didn’t catch what I’m supposed to be calling them so I just went with it.
Do 7 on Q
Do 5 squats with block
Now do 7 more blockies on Q

Take a Quick rest.

Now do 7 more blockies
Squat 5 more times
7 more blockies.

10 count by rudder

Now do 7 more blockies
Squat 5 more times
and then do 7 more blockies.

YHC sensed a mutiny rising and I had more stuff planned so all were spared the 4th set. Pax were encouraged to ambulate with their blocks to the tennis courts for a pyramid
or escalator, or ladder or something of arms and abs.

10 chest press, bear crawl, 10 freddie mercuries, jog back
20 chest press, bear crawl, 20 WWI sittups, job back
30 overhead press (awful!), bear crawl, 30 flutter kicks, jog back
20 curls for girls, bear crawl, 20 LBCs, jog back
10 chest press, bear crawl, some ab thing I forgot, jog back
0 blockies.

Then we put the blocks away!

YHC is a fan of symmetry so we ran again to the same stop sign, then jogged back backwards….
That was probably not a great idea with the ice and the morning traffic on Boney road. YHC is not a professional. This is free workout. Bad Ideas are guaranteed.

Time for Mary:
We did a more ab exercises and finished with five jazz hands in cadence.
Recover Recover!

Announcements: Ruck mile challenge, Warbucs is contemplating a patch order, Quarry Run is coming up.
Prayers for friends, family members and coworkers who are experiencing unexpected blessings and health problems.

Devo: Go read John 15:1-4