Gametime at #Thunder

An ever-so-slight chill in the air greeted 11 pax at #Thunder this morning as the college football world turns its focus on the upcoming opening weekend.  YHC was on the Q to finish out this 6th Anniversary week at #Thunder.  As is common for a late August workout a football theme was on deck.  Enjoy …

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7 take on #Battle

7 #faithful got up on a Saturday to test their limits at #Battle.  A familiar face in Rosinbagger awaited and YHC tagged along for a rare appearance at F3 Columbia’s most challenging proving grounds.  Perfect weather was on full display and the pax made the most of their 60 minutes together. Conditions: 48 The Thang …

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Every now and again a special fella comes along.  For F3 Columbia and #Thunder that man is none other than Adrian.  Despite his recent bout with the flu and chronic pinky issues, the man instills a passion in the pax to strive for more – even when he’s not there (after calling in an #EpsteinsMother …

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