• When: 2018-03-23
  • QIC: Kenny G
  • The PAX: F3Columbia

F3Cola Palmetto200 Pre-Blast

If the Mud Run is the F3 Superbowl for boot camps, the Palmetto 200 could be considered the F3 Superbowl for running. It has become the signature #CSAUP event for F3 running AOs, BUT IT IS NOT JUST FOR RUNNERS! If you are a regular boot camp attendee, you can handle the P200. Find a team, register, begin training…voila, you ‘re a runner! Use this event as an excuse to become a BETTER runner.

When is it: March 23-24, 2018

What is it: Most have a pretty clear idea of what the event entails by now, but for those that don’t…it is a “unique, overnight running adventure in which you and 11 (or less) friends cover 200(ish) scenic miles from the Columbia Area to Patriots Point.”

Teams of 6 or less are considered Ultras, 7 or more are Full Teams…works best as 6 man, 9 man, or 12 man team. There are 36 total legs divided (not evenly) along the 206-mile route. Each person takes a turn running while the rest of the team enjoys some great 2nd F fellowship with their teammates.

F3Columbia currently has 6 teams YHC is aware of, with rumored others in the works. Registration will continue until there are 155 total teams signed up, but early bird discount ends September 30th. To register, a team needs one person (the captain) to pay for the team when registering through the Palmetto 200 website. Team members will reimburse the captain for the registration fee, and register under your team name through the P200 website AFTER the captain has registered and paid for the team.

How much: Before 9/30 – a Full team is $1250, Ultra team is $750. After 9/30 – Full is $1450, Ultra is $800. After 12/15 – Full is $1550, Ultra is $900. Discount Codes for F3 teams: P200_2018_FULL ($100 off) or P200_2018_ULTRA ($50 off). Other costs include the van rental, gas for the van, shirts, patches, and meals. Also, if you don’t already have them: headlamp, reflective vest, and blinkie lights.

What if I want to run but don’t have a team: Contact me! @srtyner or @F3ColaP200 on twitter, or email [email protected] I will put together a list of alternates/subs for teams looking to fill slots.

For more information regarding registration and the event in general, check out the website www.palmetto200.com. There is great information there including a Relay 101 tab that is a great resource.

A little history: This past year F3 Columbia had 3 teams finish in the top 10!!! F3Cola6 finished as the Open Ultra Team winner and overall 4th, Team USDM finished 6th overall (and again won the party), and F3Stumble9 finished 10th overall.

In 2016, F3Ramble9 finished 5th overall and won the Full Team All Male category (no longer a category), and F3Cola6 finished 8th overall and won the Ultra Team All Male category (2nd Ultra Team overall).

Obviously, F3Columbia has had its share of success at the Palmetto 200. YHC is looking forward to another year of training, fellowship, and competition at the Palmetto 200. Aye!