• When: 2022-02-17
  • QIC: Dunphy
  • The PAX: RunAway, Knozit, KenDoll, Cheers, Coondog, Hash&Rice, Dunphy, and Buzzsaw (Stride Only)

Dunphy Squid Games

2/15/22  Shawshank WO Dunphy Squid Games

Pax:  RunAway, Knozit, KenDoll, Cheers, Coondog, Hash&Rice, Dunphy, and Buzzsaw (Stride Only)

Conditions:   Warmer 55 dry






   • Side Straddle Hops  X 20 IC

•Imperial Walkers X 20 IC 


•LBA 10 IC forward 10 backwards

•Monkey Humpers X 10 IC

Slow Mosey to block pile.

Two Teams

Each team member moves sandbag to next cone after doing sequence of exercise. First team to last cone wins. If two team members are up at the sandbags, one has to wait in plank position, then takes his turn with the bag.  Sandbags were about 80-90lbs.

Curls for the Girls X5

Overhead Tricep X5

Blockees X5



Block Squats X5

Blockees X5


Elf on the Shelf X5

Block Swings X5

Blockees X5


Hand Release Merkins X5

V Ups X5

Burpees X5


Hip Thrusters

Jane Fonda (Ranger Favorite)

Yoga Stretching – Coon dog fav.

7 pax did the harder thing and won the fight against the fartsack (one casualty was Lego who succumbed to it).  Odd number so pax team were not even so one team was getting bonus on the workout.  After sorting out who was Team Alpha and Bravo, we did the work.  After the first round, the pax got into the rhythm of moving the bags.  The exercise reps were quick and non-stop.  No crawling through sand this morning except carrying it and sadly no man touching happened in the gloom.  KenDoll had assumed I had rice in the bags since I was Asian. He was trying to be funny. Team Alpha was strong in the first two rounds but waned in last two when they lost RunAway to Team Bravo. HashSlaughter came into action to rally his team to “Hurry Up!”.   Four rounds of this was good enough for a workout.  Pax returned the blocks and slow moseyed back to the shelter for some Mary and stretching.  Some pax needed more stretching than others.  The Pax enjoyed Coon Dogs imitation of Bambi first standing up on its legs. Solid work Men!  Saving the sand and man touching for a bigger crowd.



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