• When: 2021-07-15
  • QIC: Handlebar
  • The PAX: Columbo (RESPECT), Papa G (AOQ), Lizard Man, Blind Date, Dropped Call, Handlebar

The Basics – Pushups, Situps, Squats, Burpees, Running

Thursday 7-15-2021

05:30 Start – 06:15 Finish

Weather Report

J – July workouts suck
U – Unending sweat
M – Men getting better
A – Always a good time
N – Never closed
J – July workouts suck 
I – Ice cream


  • 15x (I/C) Side straddle hop
  • 15x (I/C) Windmill
  • 10x (I/C) LBAC Forward
  • 10x (I/C) Chinook
  • 10x (I/C) LBAC Backward
  • 15x (I/C) Imperial Walker
  • 15x (I/C) Lunge
  • 4x (OYO) Calf Stretch
  • 2x (OYO) One legged gluteal stretch (Balancing on one leg, hold/pull the other leg up and toward your chest)

Main event:

  • Some plank and ‘hands high’ for the 6
  • The scheme was as follows: Starting at the bottom of the corner hill at the elementary school, climb the hill and perform called exercise starting with 25x reps and decreasing by 5x every time we were at the top of the hill.  At the bottom of the hill it was 2x burpees every time.  It looked like this:
    • Up the hill – 25x ‘Mericans
    • Down the hill – 2x Burpees
    • Up the hill – 20x ‘Mericans
    • Down the hill – 2x Burpees
    • Up the hill – 15x ‘Mericans
    • Down the hill – 2x Burpees
    • Up the hill – 10x ‘Mericans
    • Down the hill – 2x Burpees
    • Up the hill – 05x ‘Mericans
    • Down the hill – 2x Burpees
  • Total of 75x ‘Mericans and 10x burpees
  • Lap around the parking lot
  • Rinse and repeat with Big Boi Sit-ups. Total of 75x Big Boi’s and 10x burpees
  • Lap around the parking lot
  • Rinse and repeat with Squats. Total of 75x squats and 10x burpees
  • Mosey back to the shovel flag


  • 15x (I/C) Flutter kicks
  • 15x (I/C) Box cutters
  • 15x (I/C) Ray Charles
  • 10x (I/C) Parker Peter
  • 15x (I/C) Toe Taps
  • 3x (OYO) Bent over stretch and sun salutation
  • 2x (OYO) One legged gluteal stretch

Mumble chatter was very light today.  Only real topics that YHC heard was yesterday’s Herd golf tournament war stories, the heat/humidity, and YHC’s most okayest accounting skills.

Back blast Easter Egg for the first non-Jumanji PAX to read this far and sees this message – for the first visiting pax to sign up to Q a Jumanji Saturday w/o, YHC will buy your coffeeteria breakfast on your Q date.


  • The Herd’s monthly “Mystery Migration” is coming to an AO near you this Saturday, July 17
  • God’s Helping Hands community service project with AB this Saturday 7-17 following bootcamp and coffeeteria
  • Need some volunteers for the Jumanji Q sheet
  • Tuesday 7-20 – Columbo Q
  • Thursday 7-22 – Biggie Smalls Q
  • Saturday 7-24 – OPEN

Prayer Requests:

  • Lizard Man’s mother battling cancer
  • Columbo’s daughter working out of state
  • YHC’s co-worker’s 15 year old son newly diagnosed with liver cancer

The official Strava record or it didn’t happen

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