• When: 2021-06-19
  • QIC: Judge Judy
  • The PAX: Biggie Smalls, BunkBed, Blind Date, Big Worm

Judge Judy VQ

Judge Judy’s First Q at Spur! Twas a good one

Disclaimer and opening talk


Mosey to side of field with the pull up bars

High Knees

Butt Kickers

Karaoke both ways

Walking Quads

Walking Caves

Sumo Lunges


Exercise #1: Buddy Up Fun Crawls

P1 does Flutter Kicks while P2 ran to the second light pole and did 10 mountain climbers. P2 runs back and PAX switch. Total of 700 Flutter Kicks Between PAX

Exercise #2: Reverse Pyramid Superset

Start with 10 frog jumps and go down to 1 frog jump. Start with 1 Pull-Up and go up to 10 Pull-Ups

Exercise #3: The Fat Lady Has Not Sung Yet

25 Bulgarian Split Squats each leg OYO

100 Second High Plank Hold: each PAX counts a number

25 Bulgarian Split Squats each leg OYO

Mosey to band field

Exercise #4: Rise and Run

PAX lay on ground at the goal line. P1 sprints 50 yrds and then lays down. P2 then sprints 50 yrds and lays down. P1 sprints to other goal line and this is repeated until all PAX are back to original goal line

100 Second High Plank Hold: each PAX counts a number

Exercise 5: Ab Time

100 Second Lazy Boy hold: each PAX counts a number

Exercise 6: Stretching

Take a Knee hamstring stretch 

Hip Flexor Stretch 

Groin Stretch 

Quad Stretch

****If any PAX complain at any time, the entire group has burpees starting at 1. Burpees will increase by 1 with each complaint****

Mosey back to flag



Closing Announcements 


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