• When: 2023-02-16
  • QIC: BunkBed
  • The PAX: BunkBed, Flea, PETA, Ralphie, Ebert, Emmy, Sauerkraut

When I Move, You Move, Just Like That

AO: SnakePit
FNGs: None
Mosey to block pile and each PAX grabs a block.
Mosey to the warm up area
Circle up
The Motivator
Michael Phelps X10 IC
Dynamic Stretching from gate entrance to the flag pole
1. Butt Kicks
2. High Knees
3. Toy Soldier
4. Side Lunges
5. Single Leg deadlift
5. Open the Gate
6. Close the Gate
7. Bunny Hops
90s Block Party!!! Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5GF9f97U8n32rATps5O84n?si=9a29c673a075481e
Each PAX rotates through 10 stations with their block. Ab exercises and plank not done with block. 45 seconds at each station and 10 seconds to switch stations.
1. Flutter Kicks
2. Single Leg Deadlift Right Leg
3. Single Leg Deadlift Left Leg
4. Overhead press
5. Triceps Extensions
6. Curls
7. Goblet Squats
8. BBS
9. Low Plank
10. Iron Crosses
Put up blocks and collect the station signs
02-18-23 SnakePit Adopt-a-Highway and Dam2Dam
03-11-23 F3 Charleston 10 Yr Anniversary
03…. F3 Lexington 9 Yr Anniversary
Swingline is taking donations for the Connie Maxwell Charity
GrowRuck in Charleston
Each PAX prayed for what they’re thankful for in their lives as well as expressing their own requests. Plus we got a Pups fly-by! Glad to see he’s well and #Kotters to Sauerkraut for getting back into the gloom!

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