• When: 2018-07-21
  • QIC: Parking Lot and Iron Mary
  • The PAX: Slumlord (Respect), Grave Digger, Hoist, Argyle, Cheers, Knozit, Fusion (Cotters), Notebook, Stalker, Bailout, Cowbell, Man Bun, Landing Strip, Irrev, Brick, Ranger (Respect), Putt Putt, Parking Lot, Iron Mary.

Making Saturday’s Great at The Hollow

There’s some real enthusiasm around Saturday’s again at The Hollow!  19 PAX showed up to #MSGA, and boy did they!  Awesome crowd for a tag team lead by Parking Lot and YHC!  This workout had it all and then some!

Here’s what happened:

Weather:  Not terrible, felt a little dryer than the past few Saturdays.  Probably 70 degrees.

Disclaimer (Parking Lot)

Prayer (Parking Lot)

COP (Parking Lot)

TTT x 20 IC
Windmill x 20 IC – Heavy mumble chatter

Parking Lot had enough of the mumble chatter.  He quickly broke us out of the COP into a jog around the front then over to the Lowe’s parking lot and on to Growler Hill.

The Thang

Growler Hill (Parking Lot)

Mosey to the bottom of Growler Hill for hill repeats.

Max effort sprint to the top and then slow mosey to the bottom.

Repeat when the 6 reaches the bottom of the hill.

Hill Repeats x 4

After the 4th hill repeat, gather at the bottom of the hill for…

High knees to first Crepe Myrtle then sprint to the next

Continue to the top

Repeat x 3

Mosey back over to the High School and on to the LOPAC Stairs

Divide up into 2 groups

Group 1 does AYG Stair repeats x 4

Group 2 does Flutter Kicks

Group 1 does AYG Stair repeats x 4

Group 2 does Flutter Kicks

Repeat with the following:

Stair Jump Squats and American Hammer

Stair Lunges and Big Boy Sit-ups

AYG Stair Repeats and Gas Pumps

Stair Jump Squats and LBC’s

Mosey to track infield

Separate into groups of 3

Line up on sideline for Man Carry Relay Race

Carry each partner down and back one time

1st Place – Merkins x 10

2nd Place – Merkins x 20

3rd Place – Merkins x 30

4th Place – Merkins x 40

5th Place – Merkins x 50

6th Place – Merkins x 50

Mosey over to lower field

Grab 2 bricks each and circle up around the Ranger for Block\Merkin\OH Press ladder

1 x Merkin then 4 x OH Press

2 x Merkin then 8 x OH Press

Continue to…

10 x Merkin then 40 x OH Press

Return block then mosey to planter by baseball field for…

1 Wall Jump then AYG back to Shovel Flag – Nice touch here by PL to allow all PAX to regroup for a fast mosey back to the SF.

Ground Covered:  Just over 3 miles

COT (Iron mary)



Announcements:  Sweet Baby O – 5K, Homeless Vets BC after Shawshank BC next Saturday, Stomp the Swam – 5K, Blue Ridge Relay.

Prayer Requests – Putt Putt’s brother and struggles with MS diagnosis, JJ’s back, other PAX with injuries around our AO.


Moleskin:  Great crowd today!  YHC and PL had a blast leading this awesome group this morning.  Let’s continue to talk up Saturday’s and bring this thing back to what’s it’s been in the past.  YHC thinks we are well on our way to making Saturday’s Great Again!  Had a great crowd at the Thicket for Coffeteria as well!  AYE!