• When: 2018-07-19
  • QIC: Meter & Pennyworth
  • The PAX: Drisocket, Paper Jam, Bambi, Brita, Po, Elsie, Juice, Gypsy, Pop Off, Akim, Shine, Lumbergh, MacGruber

Meter 2yr & Pdubs 1yr Anniversary Q – A Lesson in Economics

This was an anniversary co-Q for Pdubs (1yr) and Meter (2yr). It’s a hot and busy summer, and the Lexington community is seeing significant growth in all areas. With banks doling out loans like Pelican’s does snowballs, and water meters turning like Shine and Elsie’s fidget spinners, we saw an opportunity to apply a little financial exercise for the pax to enjoy.

Weather: the usual



The thang

Grab a block from the pile and drop it at the nearest goal line.

Circle up (Meter calls the warmup)

SSH IC – we lost count as Drisoket pulled up in his service truck up by the block pile and staked the CAT flag like it was on a hill at Iwo Jima. Out of respect for this impressive entrance, YHC may have impulsively started to welcome Drisoket… in cadence.

TTT IC – again, I forget how many

PW takes over and informs the Pax they have to pay Meter’s water bill

15 burpees IC

25 squats IC

35 curls for the girls IC

Growth requires the pax to build a new tank Goal line with a block 20 overhead press

50 yd line 30 bench press

opposite goal line 40 merkins

50 yrd line 50 block squates

goal line 60 curls for the girls

Meter had to raise the rates to help pay for the tank. Pay the new bill

20 burpees OWO

30 squats OWO

Meter takes the Q

New tariff on steel increases construction costs. New rates aren’t enough. Meter visits Pennyworth for a loan Credit check Overhead press while walking to 50 line. 5 sets x 10 reps. Every ten yards.

Partner up

P1 Farmers carry to goal line and back to 50

P2 Water pump or lbcs amrap while waiting on P1 The principle payment

P1 Farmers carry to goal line and back to 50

P2 Water pump or lbcs amrap while waiting on P1 Don’t forget the interest payment – ‘cause Pdubs gotta eat too Pax run to goal line and back to 50. 10 block burpees. Carry blocks back to pile See the teller for a lollipop indian run around lollipop turn and mosey to the brick wall for some people’s chair while Pdubs counts his money Circle up for Mary Count o rama Name o rama Announcements BRR and a bunch of other stuff PJ said.

Prayer: Squatter’s knee, Wilson family, Wiggins family


In John 4:7-27, a woman from Samaria comes to a well and meets Jesus who speaks to her about water. At a place where physical water is drawn, Jesus invites the woman to consider spiritual water – faith in Christ. Jesus works hard to create a moment, a moment of transition, a moment of salvation. She is ready. She says in vs. 15, “Sir, give me this water so that I won’t get thirsty…” It was a powerful moment. All Jesus had to do was finish by inviting her to trust in Him. Instead He says, in vs. 16, “Go call your husband and come back.” He knew she had been through five husbands and was living with a man who was not her husband. Why did He have to go there, at such a time? Leave the mess for later. It seems in Jesus’ response there is a lesson for us all. Leave behind the need to please everyone. The need to please not only blinds you to God’s offer of rest, it confuses others about God’s offer of life. Your being real with others, will help them understand that something has, to die, so that something better can live. When we leave behind the need to please, we raise the bar on our discipleship.

Devotional from Gerald Watford – Mt Hebron UMC