• When: 2020-01-16
  • The PAX: Coon Dog, Cheers, Bing, 5 Play, Lego


5 Pax fought off the fartsack and defied Cantore this morning.  4 for Stride Light.

THE WEATHER:  65 Degrees, light rain.  Very moist

THE THANG: Coon Dog took the Q from Nick when Nick’s 2.0 started coming down with the Flu.  YHC brought the Deck of Death Cards thinking Coon Dog may want them.  Coon Dog gladly handed off to YHC to we could all stay under the shelter.  Good beatdown and stay dry.  The best of both worlds.

We did not get thru the entire deck and since YHC dropped the cards all over the floor when he got home, I have not way of telling you exactly what happened, other than to say work was done.  YHC remembers a lot of lunges, 7 trips of bear crawl, and a sprint that was entirely too long.


Dam To Dam Feb 15

March 21 Habitat For Humanity House.  2.0s 16 years and older welcome.  If interested DM Lego.

Shawshank Takes over Urban Legend January 31

P200 March 27

March 14 Lexington Convergence


Cheer’s co-worker’s (Van Link) wife with Stage 4 cancer.

Coon Dog’s 2.0 – minor surgery on her ears

Cheer’s co-worker’s (Dave McAdory) wife died from Pneumonia

Raft’s M



Nick’s 2.0 with the Flu.


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