• When: 2020-08-13
  • QIC: Handlebar
  • The PAX: Biggie Smalls, Pappa-G, Knock-Off, T-Spot, Beta Max, Nikita, Butter Maker (RESPECT), Lil' Poppy (2.0), Handlebar

Handlebar’s 1 Year Anniversary

Start:  05:30        Finish:  06:15

Weather:  75 degrees, 90% humidity, winds out of the South at 5mph, cloudy.

Location:  34°00’18.2″N 81°05’58.8″W

1 Year anniversary Q:

Half-lap mosey around the parking lot

10x Through the tunnel (I/C)
10x Side straddle hop (I/C)
10X Little baby arm circles forward (I/C)
10x Little baby arm circles backward (I/C)
10x Slow-mo squat (I/C)
World’s greatest stretch (in honor of our AOQ)
10x ‘Merican’s (OYO)

Set 1:
Iron Pax 2019 Week 0
24 Squats
24 ‘Merkins
24 Walking Lunges (counting 1 leg only)
Run to ball field

Set 2:
Iron Pax 2019 Week 1
10x Burpees
10x Bonnie Blair
10x Big Boys
3x Broad Jumps
Rinse and repeat for a total of 3 circuits
Bear Crawl back to start
Mosey to the brick pile

Set 3:
Iron Pax 2019 Week 2
10x Man Makers (Blockeys)
20x Overhead press
30x Kettle bell swings
40x Goblin/Goblet squat
50x Incline block ‘Merican
Single lap around the parking lot

Set 4:
Iron Pax 2019 Week 3:
10x Overhead Press (since we were not near a pull-up bar)
15x Burpee coupon jump-overs
20x Curls for the girls
25x Squat thrusters
30x Gas pumpers
No time for Set 5 (Week 4) so we mosey’d back to the shovel flag for Mary

20x Curb toe taps (I/C)
20x Ray Charles (I/C)
20x Plank alternating hand to foot (OYO)
20x Imperial Walkers (I/C)

Alter Boy’s “The Ark” workout on Saturday 8-15-20 – several AO’s to join us
IronPax signup
The Herd t-shirt order is still active
Capital Building stair climb scheduled for 8-19-20

Prayer requests:
COVID patients
Inuit’s job has an important lift this morning

“If you want to touch the past – touch a rock.  If you want to touch the present – touch a flower.  If you want to touch the future – touch a life.”

1-year anniversary:
I had been steadily gaining weight since I was married with the typical diet and attempts at exercise sprinkled in.  I was the guy in the F3 promo video.  But after a decade of spinning my wheels, I knew something had to change.  My wight was increasing, I was experiencing some other health concerns – I wasn’t feeling good.  I also was also looking at my life and realizing that I didn’t have a group of men to call close friends.

I knew I had to make a lifestyle change.  I had heard about F3 for years as many from my church, Lexington Baptist, participate, and I also kept hearing my next door neighbor’s, Blue Rhino’s, truck start up around 05:00 during the week and him asking me to join him at Detention.  8-13-19 was my first post at Jumanji.  I rolled up, got out, and met a group of men that instantly befriended me, pushed me to keep going, and kept me accountable to keep coming back.  I slowly got more involved like going to Saturday coffeeteria, then posting at Stampede, then posting at The Bull, then going to convergences.  F3 changed my life.  I’m thankful for the workouts and the friendship – because F3 is more than just a workout.

Thank you to Columbo, Alter Boy, T-Spot, Etch-A-Sketch, Pappa-G, Biggie Smalls, Blue Rhino, Knock-off, BetaMax, and all the pax at F3 Jumani, F3 Stampede, and F3 The Bull.  You made me better, and I’m grateful.

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