• When: 2019-11-23
  • QIC: Fool's Gold
  • The PAX: HIM of F3 Lake Murray

Preblast – Sassafras Mountain Backpacking Trip

Hi All,

Inclement weather derailed our conquering of Sassafras Mountain a few months back, but we are men of F3 so we are undeterred!  Below is your updated preblast for our overnight backpacking trip, now rescheduled for Saturday March 14th!

We are planning an overnight backpacking trip to the Upstate to climb Sassafras Mountain (the highest point in our great state of SC).  After bagging the peak, we’ll camp out overnight and enjoy some 2nd F by the campfire before returning the following day.

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We’ll coordinate our departure location depending on who and how many HC’s we get.  Thought is to clown car or caravan from the Irmo area leaving around 7 AM on Saturday 3/14/20 to Table Rock State Park (roughly a 2 hour drive).  We’ll arrive at the park a little after 9 am.  We’ll fill out our hiking registration and pay for parking (~$10 per vehicle).  Pax who want to drive on their own are welcome.

We’ll set out from the Table Rock parking lot and begin our trek on one of the premier trails in the Southeast, the famous Foothills Trail.  We’ll get some serious 1st F as we hike ~10 miles and gain over 2,000 feet in elevation to the top of Sassafras Mountain.  There will be great views and some fantastic overlooks along the way.  We’ll have lunch on the trail.

We’ll summit sometime in the afternoon and then hike back down the trail ~1 mile to a campsite where we’ll spend the night.   There is a firepit at the campsite, so you can bring some vittles to cook up as desired.

Then on Sunday 3/15/20 breakfast and break camp then we’ll have a relatively easy (compared to Saturday) hike back down the mountain (~9 miles, but mostly downhill), back to the cars putting us home well before dinner time Sunday evening.

What you need to do

1. Mark your calendar’s and HC through Twitter to YHC @F3_Fools_Gold  Primary reason I want you to HC to me is so we can coordinate travel and communicate.

2.  Spread the word to your AOs, and to any potential FNGs or that brother you haven’t seen in a while.

3.  Secure your transportation to the park – YHC will be driving and may have a seat or two, looking for other pax to drive clown cars as well

4.  Get your gear together – each pax is responsible for their own food, water, other beverages, tents, sleeping bags, and any other camping gear or #accouterments they desire

5.  On the above, you should plan on bringing all the water you may need.  The spring near the campsite is intermittent and may or may not be flowing when we get there.

6.  Let YHC know of any questions on any of the above or below.

Some questions you may have

Can I bring a friend?  – Yes!  This would be a great way to introduce a friend to F3

What about our M’s and 2.0s?  This trip is for the boys only.  It will be a strenuous hike.

What if the weather is terrible that weekend?  – If the weather doesn’t cooperate our “raincheck date” is the following weekend of March 21st.  In that event, your friendly neighborhood AO will be open as an alternative.

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What is the time commitment?  Estimate leaving ~7 AM on Saturday 3/14/20, returned to your home sometime before 6 pm (likely mid-afternoon) on Sunday 3/15/20.

Where are we going again?

Table Rock State Park, 158 Ellison Ln Pickens SC 29671.  Note you will park by the Table Rock Trail Head/table rock nature center (see image below).

Where are we hiking?

We’ll take the Foothills Trail from it’s start in Table Rock State Park ~10 miles to Sassafras Mountain.  Once we summit the peak, it will be a short hike (~1 mile) back down the hill to the John L. Cantrell campsite.   Day 2 will be hiking back down into the park (see map and elevation profile below).  Total hiking distance is ~20 miles (11 miles day 1, 9 miles day 2)

Why would we want to do this?

It will be a great time and a way to challenge yourself physically by bagging the tallest peak in the best Carolina.  You’ll get tons of 2nd F hanging out with your best F3 bros and getting to know some new ones as well potentially.  It will be a blast!!!  Don’t miss out!!

Hope to see you there!


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