• When: 2019-10-29
  • QIC: Short Haul
  • The PAX: Flex Seal, Moist, Overage, CDV, Navy Bean (R), Drisoket, Short Haul

You’re in the Position

YHC was so excited about his Q at CAT this morning… he barely slept. OK, it was either the excitement or the inability to breathe due to congestion… probably excitement. In any event, YHC was able to introduce the men of CAT to a 50 merkin starter, “you’re already in the position” calls for arm warm-ups, and bear hauls. Fun was probably had. If not, work was definitely put in!

Conditions: 58 with fog rolling in


The Thang —

Mosey over towards blocks and circle up for warm up

Merkins x50 OYO
SSH x40 IC
MTC x30 IC
TTT x20 IC
LBAC x10 IC (you’re in the position — if you dont know, post to YHC’s Q and find out)
OHC x10 IC
CP x10 IC
LBAC(Rev) x10 IC

Count off in pairs, partner up

Head to block pile, all PAX grab a block, then head to field inside the track

1’s farmer’s carry both blocks to 2nd set of cones, turn around, then come back; 2’s AMRAP LBC’s until 1’s return. Flapjack and continue until 400 LBC’s are performed as a team

Bear Haul Break. With partner, Bear Haul (in the grass) to first set of cones, swap sides to even out arm-wear, then return
Block Side Crunches x25 ea side OYO

1’s hold blocks overhead, walk to 2nd set of cones; 2’s tricep extensions w/ blocks AMRAP; 200 as a team

Bear Haul Break.
Block Side Crunches x25 ea. side

1’s broad jump to 1st set of lights, then lunge to 2nd set, mosey back; 2’s curls for girls AMRAP; 200 as a team

Time called, back to flag for COT

Announcements —
8 mile ruck from Hollow side of LHS on Sunday @ 5am; Drisoket has the details
YHC needs 3 more runners for an F3 Ultra Team for P200. Message YHC
Cheech 10K, sign up here

Prayer Requests –
Marriages throughout F3Lex; we asked for help in swallowing our pride, meeting our M’ halfway. Give her the love she needs. Our M’s our are #1 priority behind the Lord.