• When: 2019-09-01
  • QIC: All F3 Lake Murray PAX
  • The PAX: All F3 Lake Murray PAX

Preblast – 2019 F3LM150 Back to School Event!!!

Dear F3 Lake Murray PAX,

I hope this note finds you well and that you and yours had a great summer.  While summer doesn’t officially end until 9/23/19 when the sun reaches its zenith over the equator, with school being back in session it’s pretty much a done deal.  In yet another milestone, we are entering the last 5 months of this decade….next summer will be 2020….where does the time go?

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What better time for us as a region to hit the books, study hard, and finish up the 2010’s to set us up for success in the 2020’s.  The best way to do this a’course is to post at your friendly neighborhood AO.  The more you post the better…..for you and the PAX around you.

One sure fire way to post more is to set goals for posting and track your progress as you work toward those goals.  The @F3LM150 is an ongoing challenge to post 150 times in 2019.  While a handful of PAX (by “handful” I mean Smithers and Metermaid) have diligently tweeted their posts to @F3LM150 each week, without a regular leaderboard to inspire a little friendly competition, there is less incentive.

As a first step – we are resurrecting the @F3LM150 leaderboard from it’s slumber!

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Starting with the week ending this Saturday 8/31/19 we’ll be compiling your submitted results of number of posts for the year and continue tracking them through the balance of the year.

If you’ve been tracking your posts, but not submitting them…make sure to tweet your numbers to @F3LM150 every Saturday and we’ll get the leaderboard populated on a weekly basis.

Let’s say you are in the scenario where you haven’t been diligently tracking your posts this year, are maybe a relatively new member of F3, and/or getting to 150 posts by year end just isn’t feasible (note that we DO however, still have 122 days of potential posting remaining Sept-December).

In that case, the last 4 months of the year represents a tabula rasa (blank slate), a chance for a new beginning, an opportunity to recommit yourself to kick some ass and finish out 2019 strong!

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Here’s how it will work:

  1. If you aren’t already, follow @F3LM150 on twitter
  2. Hard Commit on @F3LM150 (for all the Lake Murray PAX to see and hold us accountable) to posting at least 50 times the balance of 2019
  3. Tweet each Saturday your total out of 50 on @F3LM150 – Note if you are doing the 150 challenge as well, you’ll be reporting 2 numbers X/150 and X/50
  4. Don’t forget to tag your AO in the tweet as you are representing them in this challenge
  5. Leaderboard will be updated weekly to see which PAX and which AOs reigns supreme 
  6. The challenge will run Sept 1st through end of 2019

The rules of this challenge will be the same as the current @F3LM150 rules (we can debate these again for 2020 if folks are so inclined, but no changes for 2019):


TClaps to Soft….Toss aka Catoe for the year end challenge idea.  Now, let’s get those HC’s rolling in men!

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