• When: 12/15/14


Conditions: 30 Friggin Degrees

2 PAX braved the chill and posted to RBHS for Lexington’s Devil Mile WO. First off, thanks (yeah, right) to F3 Winnebago (Mark Guenther) for introducing The Devil’s Mile to F3 GoRuck Challenge FB page. Secondly thank you Pothole for version 2.0 which removed the Duck Walks (some of this BB is downright plagiarized from his PB). No, YHC is not signed up for a Heavy (yet). YHC just loves to get up at 4:30 to bear crawl and suck frigid wind!

The Thang:

20-Thru The Tunnel-IC
20-Imperial Walkers

The Devil’s Mile version 2.1

Both PAX used Rucks with 25# – Lap #1
From the starting point:
Bear Crawl to corner #1
Perform 10 Merkins
Sumo walk to corner #2
Perform 10 Merkins (Supposed to perform 10 squats, it was cold okay!)
Lunge Walk to corner #3
Perform 10 Merkins (Again was supposed to perform 10 Overhead Squat Presses, next time.)
Sumo Walk to corner #4 (starting point)
Perform 10 Overhead Squat Presses

Lap #2
Raise your ruck above your head and run/walk 1 lap. You are only allowed to make forward progress if your ruck is over your head. If you need to adjust or if your ruck drops below your head…stop. Rest/adjust. Continue. You can rest your ruck on top of your head. But the ruck must be above your head to make forward progress. If you’re running naked (hehe) – no ruck – run the lap with your arms out to your side. Your hands AND elbows must be between the plane of your shoulders and head. In other words, don’t make V’s with your arms and don’t hold your hands above your head. Imagine your arms are stiff boards out to your sides.

Lap #3
Rinse and Repeat Lap #1

Lap #4
Rinse and Repeat Lap #2

YHC had planned on only doing a 1/2 Mile WO, but time and apparent frozen oxygen deprivation led us to rinse and repeat for a full Devil’s Mile. It sucked but felt good to get it done. Great work to Dunphy. The F2 was great. If you aren’t Striding and want a great way to start the week, c’mon out and join us next Monday. You don’t have to bring weight, run naked! Not literally of course. We’d get kicked out of RBHS and then all the other AO’s would be instantly problematic. #ruckmore

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