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Yes Ash, Yelling at the Pax is an Exercise

AO: woodshed
Q: Fallout
PAX: Ash (COMZ), Silver Bullet, Pondo, Pipeline, Snowflake, Side Salad, Big Worm, Fallout, Kenny G
FNGs: None
SSH, 25, IC
10 burpees
Imperial walkers, 20, IC
8 burpees
Squats, 15, IC
6 burpees
Merkins, 10, IC
4 burpees
Windmills, 10, IC

Lap down the bus loop, down the cul-de-sac
2 burpees

Weights circuit: Farmers Carry (62/60) lot loop
Press (45#)
Swings (50#)
Hand release merkins
Ruck squats (35#)
Curls (20#)
Shoulder raises (bricks)
Iron cross
Curls (15#)

Mosey down the street, 5 burpees, mosey back, 5 burpees

Repeat weight circuit

Mosey around the parking lot
10 burpees
Put the weights up

:alert: ANNOUNCEMENTS :alert: :
Prowl runvergence end of month
Q school at Dawnstrike, 8-10

Teddy and family
Prodigals sons fracture
All those travelling

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