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Woodshed get Swole

AO: Woodshed
Q: Fallout (1st F)
PAX: CESS, Snowflake, Quartermaster, Quaker, Silent Bob, Silver Bullet, Side Salad, Fallout (1st F)
FNGs: None
SSH, 25, IC
30 merkins
Imperial Walkers, 20, IC
30 squats
LBAC, 15, IC (forward, reverse, overhead)
Mosey to bus loop
30 merkins
Oil derricks, 10, IC
30 squats

Lunge walk to end of breezeway, 30 merkins
Lunge walk back, 30 merkins

5 minutes of Burpees!! AMRaP! (Crowd pleaser)

Dora, with weights:
P1 run bus loop, P2 exercises

300 bench, 50# kb
250 deadlift, 45# kb
200 overhead press, 35# plate
150 WW3 sit-ups, 30# ruck
100 thrusters, 25# plate

Interestingly, no one got to the thrusters, hmm?

Put weights back in my truck

Rogue 5-yr anniversary in July (11?)
Crazy Train, week of July 24
Thunder 10-yr 8-29
Cola 11-yr, 10-14-23

Restarting The Mission rotations of Qs from different AOs. More to come!

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