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Bringing out the Legends

AO: Woodshed
PAX: CESS, Ash, Prodigal, Chewy, heist, McNugget, Billy Bob, Teddy, Pondo, Backstop, heehaw, Silver Bullet, Pipeline, Silent Bob, Zima
FNGs: None
2 Burpees (which Hee Haw said he wouldn’t do…but he did).
10 Squats
2 Burpees
10 LBAC Forward
10 LBAC Backward
10 Air Press
2 Burpees
Mosey to the field.

Circle it up
10 Merkins IC
10 Iron Cross IC
10 Diamond Merkins OYO

Mosey to the baseball field fence facing the school.
10 rounds/iterations
– 10 lunge walks (count each leg). Stop for 10 merkins.
– 5 out and 5 back of 10 Bear Crawls (each time a hand hits the ground that counts as 1). 5 Merkins
– 4 Bonnie Blairs (count each leg as 1). 2 Merkins.

Mosey to the parking lot near the playground.
This was terrible but the PAX crushed it.
Start at the first parking line with 1 merkin. Crawl Bear the entire length of the parking lot toward the playground stopping at each line for 1 merkin. LOTS OF MUMBLE CHATTER!

Mosey to the playground where we split up in 3 groups of 5. Each group was responsible for 100 total pullups. YHC’s team had to pick mine up due to an issue in the shoulder around rep 3.

Mosey back to the flag.

20 Ukrainian Freedom Twists IC
4 Rounds
30 True Lawyer LBC’s OYO
15 second rest.

– 2-25-23 NE Convergence at Westwood HS. 0700.
– 3-4-23 is the 9th Anniversary of F3 Lexington. 0630 start at River Bluff HS.
– 3-11-23 is the 10th Anniversary of F3 Charleston on the Yorktown.

Prayers for Ash’s friend who was tragically killed in a skiing accident recently. Backstop’s friends that are both being deployed overseas. Prodigal’s wife who was involved in a hit and run for justice.

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