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The Gambler

AO: Thunder
Q: SmokeScreen
PAX: Cabana Boy, Traitor, Churchkey, Escrow, Insanity, Bucket Truck, Spot, Phlegm, Ronda, Oscar
FNGs: None
Had 10 PAX meet up in the gloom this morning.
Warm up- Lap around the track followed by 1 minute of side straddle hops, 1 minute of high knees, 1 minute of butt kicks. 15 dips, 15 air squats and 15 Mercans.
We made our way to the park where we began shuffling through a deck of playing cards and picked out 10 cards at a time. Number of reps was based on the number on the card. Hearts-Mercans, Diamonds-Dips, Clover-Air Squats, Spades-Lunges.
Any Jack-20 flutter kicks, any Queen-20 Russian twist, any King-20 Big boys and for Ace-10 Burpees.
After the exercises are complete take a lap around the park then pick another 10 cards and repeat until the deck was completed.

MARY: done in workout
COT:prayers for Phlegm’s family and for group as a whole

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