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Balls and boardwalk

AO: _Castle
Q: Escrow
PAX: Wannabe, grilz, Escrow, Lamb Chop, Wham, Quaker, High Stick, Turnpike, Billy Bob, Jamie DeMasi, Katniss, Jimmy McQueen (Buc-ee)
FNGs: 1 Jimmy McQueen (Buc-ee)
WARMUP: SSH, TTT, arm and calf stretch, light run through woods with warm up exercises mixed in
THE THANG: medicine ball exercises, stretches and merkins spaced with boardwalk runs.
MARY: done above
ANNOUNCEMENTS: prayers for Boggs and Busbee family. Jaimie McQueen a/k/a Buc-ee new FNG
COT:ESCROW prayed us out.

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