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Joker’s Mild

AO: Hammer
Q: Duckie
PAX: Wally, Bindi, Ratatouille, Zuba, Stretch, Big Worm
FNGs: None
WARMUP: Rolling start, go fast turn left. Head out the parking lot, at every turn left, add the turn number and do that number of burpees, e.g. 1, then (1+2) = 3, then (1+2+3) = 6.. until we arrive back at the AO.
THE THANG: Grab the blocks, circle up for deck of death. Each PAX draws a card from a “randomly” shuffled deck, Hearts = curls, Clubs = kettlebell swings, Spades = overhead press, Diamonds = diamond merkins, Joker = lap around the field. Repeat for approx. half the deck.

Head to the field, partner up. Partner 1 farmer carry blocks, partner 2 does 5 burpees then sprints to partner 1, swap. Repeat the length of the field and back. Rinse and repeat with 2 burpees.

Return blocks, quick suicide on the tennis court and some high/low plank to finish.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Crossruck tomorrow

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