• When: 10/18/14
  • QIC: Sled, Roscoe, Logo, Chaser, Hee Haw, Heartbreaker
  • The PAX: Beamer, halftime, Sisterwife, nails, sea bass, lavar, side saddle, boss Hogg, Snow White, stripe, 2 gloves, Fannie, twisted sister(FNG Dustin Chappell), wing back, chatty Kathy, backhoe, improv, paper cut, love seat, sway, robber, wax off (FNG gene robinson), little willie (FNG Giovanni) heist, chaser, senator, splinter, spool, turnpike, fowler, oc, cesspool, hatter, Adrian, McLovin, checker, prenup, trio, package, insanity, fatback, ripple, Hee haw, mission, grillz, crawl space, sled, stent, big time, señor chips, fife, strudel, love bug, zipple, double rub, promo, crack, Roscoe, subprime, happy trees, snot rocket, chop shop, Michelle, silver bullet, paper boy, full metal jacket, honey Doo, tackle berry, pele, minion, Cousteau, rest stop, Costanza , traitor, windmill, hustler, fray (swamp rabbit pax), kj, Boris, logo, fountainhead, jingles, staccato, jordache, woody, pondo

Every day is game day

The 2 year convergence of the Columbia launch did not disappoint. With 100 or so pax in attendance, Sway kicked off the day with a brief recap of how far we’ve come in a short time. In summary, now 20+ weekly outings that include over 500 men on a weekly basis…oh yea, that # doesn’t include the Lake Murray contingent that probably doubles the #…the theme of the morning was Servant Leadership. No one is compensated, no one is nominated, no one is “voted on” – it’s all about old school raising a hand and stating “I got it” or “I’ll cover it”.  Every day is game day in f3 nation. Bring it, deliver it, support it and come back with your lunch pail ready to work. Punch the clock.


Conditions: 70 degrees and blue sky – perfect

The Thang

5 groups – Score led by Sled and sub groups led by Chaser, Hee Haw, Logo and Roscoe took a tour of the Brickpile neighborhood. Burpees, Jacobs Ladder, merkins, flutters, lbc’s, iron cross, plank, lunge walk and multiples of these were part of the workout. The pax were rewarded with a solid workout. After the workout, we enjoyed coffeeteria on site courtesy of the thicket (note this is 10 gallons of COFFEE).

BOM led by Logo – job well done

COT – upcoming GoRuck training; Palmetto Place efforts are well under way – contact KJ, Termite, or McLovin.


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