• When: 10/18/14
  • QIC: BlueScreen
  • The PAX: Merkin, Fast Casual, Hopper, Outbreak, Goose, Spackle, BlueScreen

Turning Point does some Ladder Work

(Posted on behalf of BlueScreen)
7 PAX posted at Turning Point this morning and proceeded to do a little solo work, a little group work, and a little partner work with a HUGE LADDER thrown in for good measure.
Conditions: 60 degrees, clear, and AUsome!
The Thang:
Up the Ladder
SMMerkins x 5 IC
BBSitups x 10 on Q
Windmill x 15 IC
TTTunnel x 20 IC
SSH x 25 IC
IWalkers x 30 IC
LBACircles x 35 IC
Count off by 2s

GROUP WORK- Stay Together on track (1s go counterclockwise, 2s clockwise)
Run to 1st corner – Merkins x 40

Run to 2nd corner – Squats x 45
Partner with someone from other group – 55 plank hand claps
Run to 3rd corner – LBCs x 50
Run to starting point – Merkins x 40
Run to 1st corner – Squats x 45
Partner with someone from other group – 60 Iron Crosses per pair
Run to 2nd corner – LBCs x 50
All grab 2 bricks
Mosey to Field with bricks

Shoulder Press x 65 (1/2 IC)
Upright Row x 70 (1/2 IC)
Tricep Ext + Lumberjacks x 75 (1/2 IC)

70% run to end of field and back – At top of ladder
Down the Ladder:
2/3 of original Tricep Ext + Lumberjacks
2/3 of original Upright Rows
2/3 of original Shoulder Press
Return bricks
Reverse Group Work on track
LBC x 50 – Run
Squats x 45 – Run
60 Iron Crosses per pair
Merkins x 40 – Run
LBC x 50 – Run
55 Plank Hand Claps with partner
Squats x 45 – Run
Merkins x 25 (ladder broke)
Back to COP – Reverse all exercises – same quantities
Flutter kicks x 15
**Turning Point will begin at 5am on T/Th starting on Tues 10/21 – 6:30 on Saturdays – Chatter was that 3 regulars would not make it – would rather push to 6:00 than 5:00.
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