Dippin sauce

Warm up 25 dips 100 side stradle hops 100 LBCs 25 Dips Exercise (get cinderblocks) FOUR rounds run to each station Pull ups 10-8-6-4 Cinderblock push/pulls 30-25-20-15 Big boy sit ups 30-25-20-15 Dips 30-25-20-15 calf raises 30-25-20-15 single leg squats w/ back leg on bench 30-25-20-15 bicep curls with cinderblocks 30-25-20-25

Take 3

When:10/09/14 QIC: Slimjim The Pax: Convoy,Fiji,Futon,Socrates,Smokey,Sand dollar,Lamont &Slimjim Conditions: 63 & just PERFECT!! 7 Pax joined in for Slimjim’s take 3 Q! I went all in & as always they saw me & raised! The Thang: BOM Jog pass the bridge on the pathway COP Arm circles-10F/10R Empiral Walkers-26-IC (correctly done this time) Wind Mill-26-IC …

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