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Take 3


QIC: Slimjim
The Pax: Convoy,Fiji,Futon,Socrates,Smokey,Sand dollar,Lamont &Slimjim

Conditions: 63 & just PERFECT!!
7 Pax joined in for Slimjim’s take 3 Q! I went all in & as always they saw me & raised!

The Thang:

Jog pass the bridge on the pathway
Arm circles-10F/10R
Empiral Walkers-26-IC (correctly done this time)
Wind Mill-26-IC
Thru the tunnel-26-IC
Side Strattle Hop-26-IC
Overhead arm claps-26-IC
Mosey to football field
Sprint 20yds-get 20 big boy sit-ups
Sprint 20/20LBC’s
Sprint 20/20BBSU’s
Sprint 20/20LBC’s
Enter end zone score 6 Burmese+1more–extra point
Sprint 20/20 flutter kicks
Sprint 20/20 heels2heaven
Sprint 20/20 FK
Sprint 20/20 H2H
Score 6 Burpees Go for 2 more–
Mosey to concession stand
Dips 20-OYO
Box jumps 20- OYO
Step ups 20-OYO
Assisted pull ups wide arm-15-OYO
Incline Merkins-15-OYO
Box Jumps-15-OYO
Assisted pull-ups close arm-10-OYO
Hip Tap Merkins-10-OYO
Step ups-10-OYO
Mosy to brickpile
Full curls-30-IC
Lateral arm extensions-pax count of 30
Shoulder press-30-IC
Lateral arm extensions-pax. Count of 50
Tricep extensions-30-IC
Lateral arm extensions-pax count of 30
Front lateral raises-30-IC
Half Curls-30-IC
Mosey to shovel flag
Saturday BIRCH convergence
Sumter Launch
Strut to meet 6:30 am on 10/18/14
Devotional-life of service

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