• When: 2021-11-18
  • QIC: Coon Dog
  • The PAX: Brick, Duff, Cheers, Hash & Rice, Doodah (R), Ramrod, Knozit (R), LEGO, Dunphy (R), Soaker, Bing, Coon Dog

Variety Beat Down

Weather Conditions: 54°

It was another glorious morning ITG as 12 Pax came together in the spirit of betterment.  It was great to see Bing and Ramrod as they made their triumphant returns to the gloom as well.  YHC was very pleased with the turnout this morning, but quickly realized that the original workout plan would have to be scrapped due to insufficient block numbers (you #KnownBlockBreakers know who you are).  Another beat down plan was quickly formulated, and the stage was set.  Instruction game was weak as always, but that is not going to stop these strong men from putting in some work.  As for the workout, here is how it went:

Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosey around the parking lot and to the Block Pile

Circle up on the good field (not the awful one used for Iron Pax)

COP – All IC
   ▪ SSH x20
   ▪ Shoulder Press x10
   ▪ Imperial Walkers x20
   ▪ Block Burpees x10
   ▪ TTT x10
   ▪ Curls x10
   ▪ Windmills x10
   ▪ Shoulder to Shoulder x10

Line up on the Base Line
   • At the base line – x10 Block Burpees, x10 Naplams, & x10 Block Swings
   • Broad Jump to the 1st Light Pole
   • x15 Jump Squats
   • Lunge to the 2nd Light Pole
   • x20 Bonnie Blairs (each leg)
   • Bear Crawl to the 3rd Light Pole
   • x25 Merkins
   • Mosey back to the base line
   • Rinse and Repeat 3 times

Replace the blocks

Mosey around for various exercise
   • At the steps – x30 Calf Raises each – Toes out, Toes In, Toes Straight
   • At the speed bump – x20 Bobby Hurleys
   • At the shelter
       o People’s Chair 1 minute x2 sets
       o x10 Merkins



   ▪ 11/23:   Special Forces Q at Shank
   ▪ 11/25:   BC Convergence at CAT @ 6am
   ▪ 12/04:   Salvation Army Bell Ringing – Looking for alternate, contact Cheers
   ▪ 12/11:   Shawshank Christmas Party at Ramrod’s @4pm, bring a side dish

Prayer Requests & Praises
   ▪ Philson Family – H&R’s coworker
   ▪ Garth and his family
   ▪ Injured Pax
   ▪ Pax with illnesses

Cotters to Bing and Ramrod

I feel like I should apologize to any pax that struggled to hear my instructions, Doodah in particular, improvement is the mission.  Great mumblechatter by all this morning to include Bricks show stopping abs!  


“Sometimes we feel like we are getting buried when in reality we are being planted.”
       – Stephen Chitty

Struggles and hardships are going to come our way as a part of life.  God is going to challenge and test us to promote spiritual/mental/physical/etc. growth.  It’s far too easy to take these struggles and let them get us down and keep us down, but that cannot be the outcome.  Trust God and keep moving forward, but know you have F3 Brothers to help you along the way as well.  

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