• When: 2021-04-01
  • QIC: Pick Axe & Wapner
  • The PAX: Booster, Booo, DARPA, ET, Sunday Driver, Simon Says, Pick Axe, Wapner

Unexpected Co-Q at TP

8 PAX descended upon the hallowed grounds of TurningPoint to see what was meant by “guest Q” in the week leading up to today. Those that were expecting a non-TP-regular were sadly disappointed (cough, Booster) when Pick Axe strode to the middle of the circle to give the disclaimer. Then, we prayed, and took off. 

We moseyed around the front part of the parking lot stopping on the opposite side leaving YHC wondering, as always, why we didn’t just go straight there over the sidewalk, but YHC digresses. 


SSH x10 IC, TTT x10 IC, some sort of overhead-clap-dirty-bird combo thing x10 IC, Slow Mo Merkins x10, Slow Mo Squats x10 IC [the latter of which left YHC wondering -unsurprisingly, out loud – why we never slow mo mosey]

Then we moseyed to the bus loop for elevens with mountain climbers and LBCs. Well, that’s what everyone else did. YHC started his typical self-co-Q at this point as Pick Axe seemed determined to not even add a breath between rounds. As such, YHC did some mountain climbers, some LBCs, shooed away some beetles and awaited further instructions.

Next, we moseyed to the other front corner of the school for a particularly uncreative second round of elevens, this time with merkins and BBSUs. Again, Pick Axe seemed determined to cause someone to fall out, so YHC humbly undertook to provide the six with an appropriate workout doing some of the stated exercises, albeit far fewer [but with admirable form, if YHC says so himself].

Next, we moseyed to the back planters for yet again, more elevens.  YHC thought Pick Axe was surely joking when he called box jumps and incline merkins, but alas, no, he was serious. So, YHC led those so inclined (get it?) in a round of incline merkins and step ups.

We then moseyed to the back blacktop for suicides! Nah, just kidding, more elevens! This time, Bonnie Blairs and American Hammers (still awaiting a ruling on how they differ from Russian Twists). YHC graciously led stationary lunges and Russian Twists.

The final mosey was back to the front for a final round of elevens of broad jumps and merkins or maybe burpees (YHC wasn’t paying attention). The rest of us did walking lunges and merkins.

Finally, we angered the Mary gods by only doing Iron Crosses a couple times.



Cross Ruck tomorrow 4am RBHS campus; look for details of start point from Quis or the Shovelflag today

LRAH coming up in April; there will be a run-vergence on 4/16; See Simon Says for details


Several offline prayer requests

Pick Axe did a devo in which he encouraged us to keep focused on the fact that we are not alone in life. We have support, we have brothers just waiting to step in and step up for us. 


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