• When: 2020-11-24
  • QIC: Twerk
  • The PAX: Dominion, Pole Dance, Chop Shop, Keychain, Mulligan, Blue Bloods, Doogie, Twerk

Thanksgiving Trivia @Surge

Conditions: Pretty cold and breezy – 42 degrees

Disclaimer – Not a professional


Blue Bloods attended virtually from New York – Rock on, sir!

The Thang:

Mosey for a short distances


SSH x 15

Little Baby Arm Circles(Forward) x 15

Little Baby Arm Circles(Reverse) x 16

Over Head Clap x 16


Thanksgiving Trivia Q&A

Question: How long was the first Thanksgiving celebration?
Answer: Three days – Correct(10 Merkins) Incorrect(5 Burpees)                  

Question: What meats were served at the first Thanksgiving celebration?
Answer: Venison, swan, duck and goose were likely—not turkey! –            Correct(10 Merkins) Incorrect(5 Burpees)                  

Question: What seafood was served at the first Thanksgiving feast?
Answer: Lobster, oysters, fish and possibly eel–                                              Correct(10 Merkins) Incorrect(5 Burpees)                  

Question: Who was the first President to pardon a turkey?
Answer: John F. Kennedy– Correct(10 Merkins) Incorrect(5 Burpees)                  

Question: Which President made turkey pardoning an annual event?
Answer: George H.W. Bush– Correct(10 Merkins) Incorrect(5 Burpees)                  

Question: How many calories on average are consumed, per person, at Thanksgiving dinner?
Answer: 4,500 – – Correct(10 SSH) Incorrect(1min Squat holds)                  

Question: How much did the world’s most expensive Thanksgiving dinner on record cost?
Answer: $150,000 at New York City’s Old Homestead Steakhouse–                    Correct(10 SSH) Incorrect(1min Squat holds)                  

Question: When was the first Thanksgiving football game?
Answer: 1876– Correct(10 SSH) Incorrect(1min Squat holds)                  

Question: When was the first Thanksgiving NFL game?
Answer: 1920– Correct(10 SSH) Incorrect(1min Squat holds)                  

Question: Black Friday is the biggest day of the year for what trade profession?
Answer: PlumbersCorrect(10 SSH) Incorrect(1min Squat holds)                  

Question: Do Americans prefer apple pie or pumpkin pie?
Answer: Apple pieCorrect(10 SSH) Incorrect(1min Squat holds)                  

Question: What turkeys actually gobble?
Answer: Male turkeysCorrect(10 Monkey Humpers) Incorrect(1min Lunge holds Right leg)                  

Question: When was green bean casserole introduced to Thanksgiving dinners?
Answer: 1955Correct(10 Monkey Humpers) Incorrect(1min Lunge holds Right leg)                  

Question: During which Revolutionary War battle did troops have a day of Thanksgiving?
Answer: The Battle of SaratogaCorrect(10 Monkey Humpers) Incorrect(1min Lunge holds left leg)                  

Question: What city has the oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade?
Answer: PhiladelphiaCorrect(10 Monkey Humpers) Incorrect(1min Lunge holds left leg)                  

Question: Which city’s Thanksgiving Day Parade ends with Santa Claus getting a key to the city?
Answer: DetroitCorrect(20 Flutter Kicks) Incorrect(20 Spider Merkin)                  

Question: What year did Adam Sandler release “The Thanksgiving Song?”
Answer: 1992Correct(20 Flutter Kicks) Incorrect(20 Spider Merkin)                  

Question: What year did the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade first have balloons?
Answer: 1928Correct(20 Flutter Kicks) Incorrect(20 Spider Merkin)                  

Question: On average, how many people attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade each year?
Answer: About 3.5 millionCorrect(20 Flutter Kicks) Incorrect(20 Spider Merkin)                  

Question: How many people participate in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade each year?
Answer: About 8,000Correct(20 Flutter Kicks) Incorrect(20 Spider Merkin)                  

Question: Black Friday isn’t the only holiday the day after Thanksgiving. What’s the other?
Answer: Native American Heritage DayCorrect(10 Merkins) Incorrect(5 Burpees)                  

Question: According to the Guinness Book of World Records, how much does the heaviest turkey on record weigh?
Answer: 86 poundsCorrect(10 Merkins) Incorrect(5 Burpees)                  

Question: How much does the average Thanksgiving turkey weigh?
Answer: About 15 poundsCorrect(10 Merkins) Incorrect(5 Burpees)                  


Question: What state consumes the most turkey every Thanksgiving?
Answer: CaliforniaCorrect(10 Merkins) Incorrect(5 Burpees)                  

Question: When did canned cranberries first come about?
Answer: 1912Correct(10 Merkins) Incorrect(5 Burpees)                  

Question: What meat is the most popular alternative to turkey on Thanksgiving?
Answer: HamCorrect(Group Choice) Incorrect(5 Burpees)                  

Question: Statistically, what is Americans’ favorite Thanksgiving side dish?
Answer: StuffingCorrect(Group Choice) Incorrect(5 Burpees)    



Surge Christmas party on Dec 19 at 5:30pm

Convergence opportunities for Thanksgiving day – Keychain will send out list.

Running opportunities on Saturdays and Sundays


Right people

Who you spend your time with will have a great impact on what kind of life you live

There are people God has already ordained to come across our path to helps fulfill our destiny

People that inspire us, challenge us, make us better

The right people have already been lined up

But here’s the key: If you’re spending time with the wrong people, you’ll never meet the right ones

If you’re hanging around people that are not going any place, people that are dragging you down, cause you to compromise, draining your energy, then you’re going to get stuck

You can’t hang out with chickens and expect to soar with eagles

You’re going to become like the people you continually associate with

You wanna know what you’re gonna be like in 5 years? Look at your friends

If your friends are going places, have a spirit of excellence, kind, generous, courteous, then those qualities are going to rub off on you

Complainers find other complainers

That’s the saying – birds of a feather flock together

My challenge is simple, make sure you’re flocking to the right group

Victorious people associate with other victorious people

Winners hang out with winners

Happy people around other happy people

Eagles soar with other eagles

We don’t like change

We want it to be just like it was when we were hanging out, growing up together

But it’s a new day

You have children, you have parents to take care of

You have more responsibility

But just because somebody is related to you, doesn’t mean they’re connected to you

They may have your blood, but they don’t have your spirit

They may not have heard the call God put on your life

This doesn’t make them a bad person

It just means God has a different assignment for them

Maybe they’re at a different level in their growth, but they’re not right for you in this season

This is one of the hardest things we have to deal with

Letting go of people that are not supposed to be in our lives

Bottom line, don’t hold on to what God is asking you to walk away from

Another thought, you shouldn’t spend a lot of time with people that are always negative, people that are constantly discouraged, you gotta keep them cheered up, keep them fixed

Now, I’m all for helping people, I’m all for being a blessing

Sometimes we have to love people back into wholeness

But if you’re always giving and never receiving, that’s an unhealthy relationship

You need to gradually make a change

Prayer Requests

Prayers for Drumstick and family        

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