• When: 2020-11-12
  • QIC: Pondo
  • The PAX: SilverBullet, PipeLine, Bloodwork, Serena, Teddy, TomTom, JarJar, SilentBob, Kemba, Banjo, Pondo

Tropical Beatdown at The Shed

11 Pax posted for an unseasonably #BalmyBeatdown at The Woodshed The Pax welcomed Kemba back from his baby hiatus.  After a thorough disclaimer, we proceeded to COP where we spent a good deal of time.  a real #CrowdPleaser.  SSH, IW, Squats, Alt. lunges, Merkins, Carolina dry docks, Low Country crabs, LBC’s, Russ. Twists, More Merkins, Sumo Squats, all x 20 IC, Calf Raises x 40 OYO, Heel Tap Crunches, Iron Cross, Wide Arm Merks, allx 20 IC, Air Chair on YHC’s count, Split Jakcs x 20, Jump Squats x10 Diamond Merks x 15, Planking.  Then we partnered up for an Indian Run to the lower playground where we did a #DescendingDora. P1 ran around the dirt track, while P2 did exercises until flap jax.  300 Calf Raises, 250 Squats and 100 Merkins.  Ran out of time before we could do #AscendingDora.  Punishing Jail Break back to the flag.

Always a great Pax to Q for.  Good effort and they bring the #MumbleChatter.

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