• When: 2020-01-23
  • QIC: Iron Mary
  • The PAX: Ken Doll, Coondog, LEGO, Cowbell, Knozit (R), 5 Play, Soaker, Parking Lot, Iron Mary (R)

On my Whistle

Nine (9) of Shawshank’s finest posted to see what YHC had to offer this morning.  The DRP has been a little harder to swallow the last couple of weeks due to the colder than usual temps.  With that in mind, YHC made sure to bring his best effort for the guys that beat the #fartsack this morning.  Here’s what went down at The Shank.

Weather:  33 degrees




Warm up mosey to the block pile and grab a block and return to the shelter

The Thang – IM’s Whistle Test

Circle up around the speaker

YHC downloaded a pacer app to use for our beep test workout – Yes It was free, Cowbell.

1st Beep Test

Grab your blocks.  After you hear the beep (actually a whistle) complete Curls x 5 and then wait for the next beep and complete Curls x 5.  Continue until failure.

Continue pattern with the following exercises.  Complete each after beep until failure then move to the next.

  • OH Press x 4
  • KB Swings x 3
  • Burpees x 2
  • Thrusters x 1

The beep pace gets faster and faster as you progress through this workout.

2nd Beep Test

The second beep test was your typical “Pacer” test.

Two markers were spaced 20m apart

The PAX line up for the start at one marker.

On the beep, each PAX proceeds to the other marker.  Each PAX must arrive at the marker prior to the beep.  The beep pace gets faster and faster throughout exercise.

Continue until failure

KD and Coondog were the top performers in this exercise.  Well done fellas!

Recover then mosey back to the shelter and find your block

Dealer choice on tunes during the following exercises:

  • KB Swings OYO (Approx. x 25)
  • Merkins OYO (Approx. x 30)
  • Sumo Squats OYO (Approx. x 35)
  • OH Press OYO (Approx. x 40)
  • Block Jump OYO (Approx. x 50)

Music Selection:

  • Cowbell – Eminem (Real Slim Shady)
  • Knozit – Kool and the Gang (Get Down On It)
  • Coondog – Vanilla Ice (Ice Ice Baby)
  • LEGO – David Allen Coe (You don’t have to call me Darlin) Over ruled by Iron Mary and replace with – Beastie Boys (Sabotage)

Return blocks and then return to Shovel Flag for COT and BOM





  • Dam2Dam Relay – February 15th
  • F3 Lexington 6 Year Convergence – March

Prayer Requests:

  • Ponzi
  • Raff’s M
  • Trickle
  • Marriages
  • DooDah
  • Cheers Co-worker


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