• When: 2020-01-23
  • QIC: Canseco
  • The PAX: Dr. Quinn, No Help, Rocking Chair (R), Strut, Canseco

Canseco’s Crypt Q – 1st time Q at Crypt

Temp: 38F with slight breeze, but not too cold if you kept moving

1/23/20 Crypt Q (Canseco)

Disclaimer, admission of 1st Q at Crypt…. pax were welcoming and supportive (they were curious about what was in black bag that YHC had brought that actually contained jump ropes)

Mosey to back of school

The Warm Up
1. The Squat x 10 IC
2. Through the Tunnel x 10 IC
3. Little Baby Arm Circles x 10 each direction IC
4. Side Straddle Hop x 15 IC
5. Micheal Phelp x 10
6. Imperial Walker x 15 IC
7. Annie x 10 circles each arm IC
8. Merkins x 10 OYO

The Thang

Pax head to block pile to get bricks and blocks. YHC had pax get bricks and blocks, but it was immediately noted that the bricks at Crypt were the largest bricks YHC had ever seen… bricks on steroids if you can imagine.
This required a modification of rep numbers that were originally planned. Return to parking lot.
Begin with edge of curb sitting and place the brick between your feet. Lift the brick a minimum of 12 inches using your feet to hold the brick. Perform 15 reps, then immediately followed by 15 mountain climbers with your hands on the edge of the curb.
Then do 10 reps of brick lifts, followed by 10 mt climbers.
Finally, do 5 reps of brick lifts, followed by 10 mt climbers.

25 squats

Then repeat cycle, beginning with 5 reps followed by 10 then finally 15 for brick lifts using your feet while sitting on edge of curb alternating with mt climbers.

Break into 2 groups of 2-3

1 pax is at end of parking lot with a jump rope, another pax is at the end with a block doing an exercise. The 3rd pax is walking between the two while overhead pressing a block. When pax in the middle reaches the jump rope, they switch and then the pax overhead presses block while walking down to pax performing block exercise to switch. Every time the pax in the middle reaches one end or the other, they switch.
The pax in the middle is always doing overhead presses with the block. The pax not jumping rope is doing the following exercise:
1. Tricep Press
2. Curls for the Girls
3. Napalms

Return blocks and bricks to pile

Mosey back to shovel flag.

Time for some Mary:(Thank you Strut for holding me accountable for the last 2 minutes of exercise and not short changing everyone)
Flutter Kicks x 25
Heel touches x 25
Superman in prone x 10 OYO
Boat/Canoe on YHC count


Prayer Request:
No Help’s cousin dealing with cancer and brother in law

Dr. Quinn’s grandmother in the hospital, prayers for comfort

Rocking Chair’s mother has pneumonia

Never underestimate the power of impact on others, whether it be for good or bad. YHC told a story about a patient from 7 or 8 years ago that commuted from Sumter and was extremely moved by a total strangers generosity one day on the way to Columbia, who anonymously paid for her lunch in the Chick fil a drive thru. The patient was moved to the point of tears. This gave YHC the impressionable idea of doing the same and periodically would randomly buy patrons lunch who visited Chick fil a in drive through behind me. The intent was to teach YHC’s children about generosity towards others in a very random, but impacting capacity.

One day, YHC encountered F3 Co-Pay at Crusade run group who recognized YHC’s red pick up and asked if it belonged to me. After confirming that it was indeed my truck, Co-Pay yelled at YHC that “I owed him $20!” Apparently Co-Pay was randomly behind YHC one day in Chick fil a line and was extended the random courtesy of having his lunch paid for. Inspired by this random act of kindness, he offered to purchase the lunch for the car directly behind him which unfortunately was more than $20 greater than his original lunch order. No good deed goes unnoticed!

Moral of the story, one random person 7 or 8 years ago paid for a random person’s lunch and made a tremendous difference in their day and week. This in turn impacted a therapist in a neighboring city and prompted him to do the same. Eventually, this kind act of random kindness was put into effect here and then evolved into Co-Pay yelling at YHC (as Strut laughingly pointed out this morning). Never doubt what small deeds make the biggest impact around you!

Thanks for letting me lead you men at Crypt today. I enjoyed it!

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