• When: 2021-05-18
  • QIC: Wapner
  • The PAX: DARPA, PickAxe, DuraFlame, SimonSays, Booster, Granola, Canseco, Wapner

Oh, cr*p; that’s today!?!

7 PAX joined YHC for what is now known as the most unprepared Q of 2021.  Truth is, that when [an unnamed PAX] reached out about Q’ing, YHC pushed the date out as far as YHC believed [unnamed PAX] would allow thinking “oh, that’s weeks away; plenty of time to come up with something.”

Well, regardless, today came, and YHC was on the Q sheet, so we just did whatever YHC thought as we went along.

The Thang:

Circle up, disclaim, pray, mosey to the rear parking lot.

Circle up again for COP

  • COP
    • Squats x10 IC
    • TTT x10 IC
    • ImperialWalkers x10 IC
    • LBAC x10 IC
    • Overhead hand claps x10 IC
    • DirtyBirds x10 IC
    • Granola Memorial Moroccan Night Clubs x10 IC
    • LBAC backwards x10 IC
    • Windmills x10 IC

Mosey to the block pile and everyone grab a block and then over to the lower blacktop.  YHC originally called for all to circle up, but instead, we lined up on the edge and partnered up.  One partner was to stay there and do merkins while the other partner ran to the shelter and did 15 dips on the picnic benches, then flap jack.  We rinsed and repeated that.

We then moseyed with our blocks to the upper planter and deposited our blocks on the wall and did wall sits.  During the wall sits, we did a ring of fire where all PAX knocked out 10 incline merkins in clockwise succession.  We then flipped over to an incline plank and plank walked left or right on the Q’s call and did incline merkins in between.

Then we moseyed to the steps, put our blocks down and did calf-raises – x15 OYO, 3 ways.  We rinsed and repeated.

Then, we moseyed with our blocks to the bottom of the hill for a Triple Nickel.  It was at this point that [unnamed PAX] began asking about why we had the blocks.  Anyway, the Triple Nickel was 5 BBSUs at the bottom, 5 squats at the top, 5x.  Most PAX got through at least 4 rounds before time was called.  

Then, we moseyed back to the bottom blacktop in order to give [unnamed PAX] what they wanted.  We did shoulder presses with our blocks until YHC’s watch beeped.  Contrary to popular belief, it was only 1 minute on the watch.

We then put up our blocks and moseyed to the front for Mary which consisted of Flutter Kicks x20 each leg OYO and Heel Touches x20 each leg OYO.

COT, countarama, namearama, etc.

  • Announcements:
    • Donut Run on Friday; meet at Home Depot
    • Tentative plan for a trash pickup at local high schools prior to graduation
  • Prayer Requests:
    • Granola’s niece, Marley – surgery recovery
    • Billy Ellison
    • Praise – DuraFlame’s oldest son was baptized this past weekend

Devo:  The Paradoxical Commandments – if you haven’t read them, I highly suggest it.  Certainly helps put things in perspective at times for me.  Basically, they revolve around doing what you ought to regardless of what the world might say or do to you.  Do good anyway.

  • Semi-Nude Moleskin:
    • Canseco seemed to be surprised that YHC has no issues carrying on a full blown conversation about outside topics while Q’ing.
    • A bunch of guys did something YHC is told is called “jogging” or “yogging” [something about a soft J] before the workout.  PickAxe may or may not have but definitely did make fighter jet sounds as he passed YHC at one point.
    • YHC promises not to take roughly 2 weeks off before Q’ing again.  That was less than ideal [lesser than ideal than YHC’s typical Q’s, anyway].

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