• When: 2021-04-29
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Polecat, Bundy, Kenwood(R), FNG-Cousin Eddie, Urkel, Wilson, Happy Tree's, Belding, Shank(R), Nub


A little buzz in Twitterverse and a personal HC from a prospective FNG last week got YHC all excited for his next Smokehouse Q.  The stars aligned and the FNG showed along with a couple travelers from over from another AO.  All was seemingly going to go well until it was remembered that the shovelflag guaranteed burpees for the new FNG, well that wasn’t originally on the plans but had to see what I could do to make that happen.  Great to get back to double digits and get dat STAR too!!!  Here’s how it went down…

1min warning

Disclaimer/BOM/Opening prayer (#mantouching allowed)

Mosey to the pile o heavy stuff.  Grab 2 bricks and 1 block and circle up.

COP- SSHx10IC, Smurf Jacks x 10IC, TTT x 10IC, Monkey Humpers x 10IC. Grab your bricks and w/out recover complete Dirty Birds, Front Raises, Overhead Claps and LBAC’s x 10IC. Recover.

Bricks down, grab blocks and head across practice field (since the sprinklers were hurdles not being messed with this morning). Pair up on back straight a way of track for some DORA 123. Exercises were Merkins(100) Squats(200) and Block chest presses(300).  Once completed we slid down to the baby hill and OYO Elevator up (lunge, squat, lunge) the hill doing Merkins at the top and run back down then Bear Crawl up the hill doing Calf raises (straight, toes out and toes in) then Crawl Bear back down. Recover.

Mosey to big hill and since Burpees were promised by master Shovelflag, we partnered up again and alternated running up and down and until said Burpee quota was reached.  Brick and Blocks up and mosey to flag. Time called.


Count/Name o rama–FNG  Wesley Goff…Snipes, loves to camp…welcome to the gloom Cousin Eddie!

Weather is outstanding, come on out to the gloom men.  You’ll be better for it!  #F3counts #ISI


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