• When: 2021-04-29
  • QIC: Jar Jar
  • The PAX: Bemis, Selfie, Easy Street, Jar Jar

VQ ALERT!! (don’t get crazy)

Conditions: 66 and dry, vunderbar!

Disclaimer: Modify as needed

The Thang: 4 faithful showed to get a few miles in on a beautiful morning. YHC however, as AOQ of a near-concurrent bootcamp, had a quandary, as standard AOQ responsibility is to post at all times barring injury, etc. How to remedy? With creative routine. Just run by the bootcamp at start time, give ’em a blessing and slight shove, and then shortcut to join the original bunch, endex, and return to bootcamp. #pseudonotreallydoubledown

Easy Street got to experience the troll bridge for the first time, and we discussed sleazy car sales tactics, race tactics, and using running for discipleship. World problems solved over 4.1 miles.

In honor of Neymar, losing to Man City yesterday

Announcements: Get in the Pink, looking for track commanders, but have enough pushers now.

Runvergence at Stumble tomorrow, bring $5 or 5 canned goods (human consumption only).

Rockaways 1200 tomorrow, HC in groupme prior for tableing.

Verse: By Bemis, Ephesians 1

I guess technically this was a VQ since I haven’t had Rogue before, but kind of hard to get all worked up about it since this is now my 87th backblast since joining F3 in 2014 (that would be 1 for every single Q, no exceptions).

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