• When: 2021-08-03
  • QIC: PickAxe
  • The PAX: Duraflame, SimonSays, Wapner, DARPA, Roadhouse

Counting Columns

Weather forecast was extremely poor last night. Expected it to be wet and possibly storming. We were greeted with nothing more than a drizzle and some much welcome cooler temps. No one on the Q sheet so AOQ showed up prepared for the weather forecast with an idea but no concrete plan.

4:59 one min was called. 5 am disclaimer and prayer.

Headed to the teachers lot to warmup. (New lighting configuration this morning…I like it) We did 5 of each of the following IC; ssh, ttt, iw, lbac forward and reverse. We then went back through with 10 ic. (Did we do mt climbers also? Possibly)

Moseyed to the breezeway at the back. Although the rain really hadn’t picked up YHC went ahead with the rain plan. The 6 Pax went 2 x 2 lunging b/n each column and doing 5 mercans and 5 lbs (4ct) at alternating columns. At the other end we turned around and bearcrawled b/n each column and did 5 squats and 5 bbsus at alternating columns.

The rear gate was open so we moseyed around the back of the school to the bus loop. (YHC new the gate was open however the Pax did not. There were some strong threats made regarding scaling fences 🙂 )

At the bus loop we again went 2×2 doing a burpee at each column.

Even the light rain had stopped by this point. So we moseyed out to the low concrete wall in the front lot for a few exercises. 1-5 inc mercans, 5 step ups right leg, 5 inc mercans, 5 step ups left leg 2-plank walk left on the wall for a bit, 3-5 inc mercans, 5 box jumps, 5 inc mercans, 4-plank walk back to the right 5-5 dec mercans, 5 Bonnie blairs, 5 dec mercans. (Possibly a few more mercans but not certain)

Moseyed to the breezeway at the front and 2×2 on the columns with a burpee at each. Then back to the flag for 10 gas pampers ic, and 20 flutter kicks ic before time expired.

How many columns are there at Midway? Enough to produce a good workout

Countarama, Namearama

Announcements: Duraflame VQ on Thursday!, stomp the Swamp, Cryptonite converge on Sat Aug 14th

Prayer requests: no show, spackle, PA’s aunt Kay, Jerome Family

Devo: Ecclesiastees 12:13


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