• When: 2021-08-03
  • The PAX: Duff, Cheers, Gennie, Ram Rod, Doo Dah (R), Coon Dog, Lego, Soaker

What Happens At Each Light Pole?

The night before there was fear of rain and lightning.  YHC did not modify his plans mainly because we could do this under the shelter and because I didn’t check the weather in time.  No problem, rain did not come in until after workout.  Although the twelve drops was enough to get Coon Dog to forgo SL,  Doo Dah and Lego went for an easy Stride Light before it was party time.


Follow sidewalk around large soccer field, stopping at each light pole.  Rotate between Burpees, Merkins, and Squats increasing the reps each time.

pole #1 – 4 Burpees

pole #2 – 5 Merkins

pole #3 – 10 Squats

pole #4 – 8 burpees

pole #5 – 10 Merkins

pole #6 – 20 Squats….

Continue until you get to pole #18 with 24 Burpees, 30 merkins, and 60 squats.  Go back down the Ladder.

Total 144 Burpees, 180 Merkins, 360 Squats  


Soaker felt cheated because he was promised fun.  YHC had a lot of fun, so I guess that’s on you.

Coon Dog felt there was a few too many exercises, and that YHC should quit trying to be so creative.

Cheers Highly approved of the rep count.  (even made up for the round of burpees missed while taking care of Elvis) 

Ken Doll was absent (Midland’s Tour).  But YHC feels he would have approved of the TWSS comments, rep count, and since the light poles formed a large circle, then technically the Circle of Pain was achieved.

Ramrod Really wants to go grocery shopping on Rutledge Avenue in Charleston.  Not sure why.

Gennie did not have time for this ridiculousness, and instead concentrated on good form.

Doo Dah made it thru 75% of workout before telling Coon Dog and Cheers to shut up.

Duff wished he had followed Brick to wherever he went today.


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9/11 Challenge on 9/18.


Garth and Family

Lego’s Dad Returns home this Saturday.

Navy Bean’s Family

Those Battling Cancer




James 1:22 – “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says.”




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