• When: 2017-12-30
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Meter, Trickle, Paper Jam, Boucher, Moist, Notebook, Mercy Rule, Cowbell, Coon Dawg, Brick, Dunphy, Dry Socket, Hemingway, Cheers

CATHollowShankBushSurge Workout

YHC enjoyed Qing for PAX that represented several differet AOs in the gloom this morning. Even though there was a few instances of mumblechatter, this Q presented its own challenges otherwise. Particularly, YHC was trying to incorporate some running and “little guy” exercises along with “big boy” exercises one would find at a CAT workout. Getting all of these guys together for a mini convergence was a great thing to be a part of and YHC was grateful for the opportunity to lead.

Conditions: High 20’s, light wind, a little brisk

The Thang:

LB Arm Circles x 10 IC each way
TTT x 10 IC
SSH x 10 IC

On football field:
-At back of one end zone, Bear Crawl 20 yards at a time all the way to other end zone. At each 20 yard mark, 25 Merkins, 150 Total
-Lunge 20 yards at a time all the way back to first end zone. At each 20 yard mark, 25 squats, 150 Total.

Mosey to track:
-Line up behind 100 meter mark, for a Burpee Run (think Indian Run, except instead of a mosey between PAX sprinting to the front, you stand in one place and conduct a Burpee AFTER PAX sprints to front.)
-First cycle (all PAX complete their sprint) one Burpee is conducted between sprinters.
-Second cycle: Run in place the entire time, but still do one Burpee once sprinter completes his run.
-Third cycle: 2 Burpees are conducted in between sprinters.
-100 meters was completed

4 corners:
At 100 meter mark in curve of the track, conduct exercise then Mosey to next corner:
-Carolina Dry Docks x 25 OC
-Plank jacks x 25 OC
-Squats x 25 OC
-Merkins x 25 OC

Grab a block then mosey to high jump area:
-With Block, shoulder presses x 25, tricep extensions x 25, curls x 25 all OC for one cycle, complete 3 cycles
-With Block, squats x 25, Lunges x 10 each leg, both OC for 3 cycles

Mary after putting up blocks:
Flutter kicks x 25 each leg OC
American Hammer x 25 each side OC
Crunches x 100 OC
Six inches until time called (30 seconds)


-1/1 Convergence at Lex High in front of track
-1/6 Harbison 50K
-1/26-1/28 Growruck weekend
-2/24 Dam to Dam relay

-Bambi, M, and family in the loss of his Mother-in-law