• When: 2017-12-30
  • QIC: Al Gore
  • The PAX: Hollywood, Swayze, Aunt Bee, Al Gore

Feel the burrrrrrn

I said burrrrrr, it’s cold in hurrr, there must be some Pax in tha atmosphurrrr!!!  Ok, it wasn’t that cold, but it wasn’t exactly comfortable.  YHC was glad to take the reigns once it was decided we couldn’t play frisbee w/ just 4 Pax.  So, here’s what happened while you fartsackers were all snuggled up with your lifesize teddy bears you won at the last Poultry Festival by catching metal sharks with a magnet attached to a string….don’t act like you weren’t impressed by that!

Mosey to the practice field and take a lap around the track.  Circle up near the world’s greatest pullup/dip bars.

SSH IC x 20

Burpees OYO x 10

Squats OYO x 50

Mosey to 100 meter start line.  Forward lunges 100 meters then mosey the corner.  Backward Lunges 100 meters then mosey the corner.  Stretch to recover.

Mosey to pullup bars.  Perform 30 pullups and 50 dips, OYO. Recover.

Mosey to sideline of practice field.  Burpee broadjump to other sideline and mosey back.  Recover.  Do 10 Merkins, sprint to other sideline and do 15 flutterkicks.  Sprint back.  Rinse and repeat.

Mosey back to parking lot as time was up.  Nice, easy bootcamp with good conversation.  Was able to break a sweat in subfreezing temps, so that was good.  Nice work Men!