• When: 2021-04-27
  • QIC: Bindi
  • The PAX: Focher, Misfire, Boo Boo, Duckie, Zima, Pinkman, Walley, Leon, Detour, Stretch, Bindi

Bindi Beatdown

Conditions: Mid 50’s and Clear 

The Warmup: 


15 Imperial walkers IC

10 little baby arm circles front IC

10 little baby arm circles back  IC

15 Through the tunnel IC

The Thang: 3 station circuit

Station #1 

10 burpees oyo

20 big boys oyo

20 Lbc’s oyo

20 V-ups oyo

20 Squats oyo

Hold plank when finished

Station #2 with Blocks

20 Curls for the Girls oyo

20 Overhead Press oyo

20 Kettle Bells oyo

20 Weighted Squats oyo

Station # 3 Tennis Court Suicides

Touch every doubles line for a total of 8 out and backs

Rinse and repeat 

we ran this circuit twice as a group and once on your own.

Count o’ Rama

Name o’ roma

Socially distant Bom




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