• When: 2019-12-14
  • The PAX: Soaker, Ram Rod, Meat Ball, Grave Digger, Coon Dog, Knowzit, Gypsy, Muggy Tape, Kenwood, Iron Mary, Hedges, Frank 'N Beans, Lego

Trying To Stay Dry

THE WEATHER:  Wet and Cold


YHC Scraped what he had planned and went with something that could be done under shelter where it was dry.  Fortunately YHC had a F3 deck of cards.  The number on the card x10 was the rep count.  Face cards were worth 25. And an Ace was worth 100.

First exercise was 100 IC SSH.

It went downhill from there.  Did not keep the order of the cards so no idea what we did.  I do remember 80 lunges, 400 yard sprints, 100 calf raises, wide merkins, merkins, derkins, and burpees.

NAME-O-RAMA:  YHC brought his daughter’s boyfriend (formally known as Ethan Humphries) to the workout.  The twitter ideas were epic.  Chastity Belt>>Abstinence>>someone mentioned the opening scene from “Something About Mary”>>Frank “N Beans it is


Digit’s Family


Raft’s Wife

Gypsy’s Grandmother


F3/FIA Christmas party tonight

Shawshank is ringing the Bell For Salvation Army today at Wal-mart.

New Year’s Day Convergence 7:00 at LHS

12/17/19 5:00 Digits Run COT @ LHS 5:00 and then run/walk/ruck or come back to Shawshank for Ponzi Beatdown.