• When: 2020-08-04
  • QIC: PickAxe
  • The PAX: DoubleFault (R), Canseco, Shake&Bake, AlterBoy, Arrears, LittlePapi, Buttermaker (R), SimonSays, KenDoll, GloboGym, Dunphy (R), BuzzSaw (R), FloppyDisk

Throwback Q

Weather: low 70s and humid

A few weeks into aoq duties yhc filled an open q with the name Throwback intending to bring back some workouts that once were TurningPoint regulars.

Joined by the Midlands Tour, at 5:00 am the disclaimer was given and a prayer said.

Workout began with a mosey to the teachers lot where the pax circled up for a warm-up that included, ssh, TTT, WM, mercan, MtClimber, squat all 10 ic. (also completed disclaimer, q is not a professional and modify as needed)

Group moseyed to top of hill at gym and partnered up for PT test exercises, 2 minutes mercans and 2 minutes bbsu.  Since 2 mile run was so loathed by the pax, it was replaced with the TurningPoint signature amrap, the Kamikaze.  At 5:40 time was called and the group moseyed to the shovel flag.

A couple minutes remained for Mary, Ah x 10ic and Fk 20 ic before time expired.

Announcements: kraken this 8/8 at River Bluff at 6 am, 9/11 memorial challenge 9/26 at smokehouse

Prayer Request: KenDoll unspoken, Notebook recovery, Training wheels recovery, Wap back

Devo: Romans 14, do not focus on things that do n

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