• When: 2020-05-14
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Mulligan, Tribe, Toolbox, Iron Mary (R), Double Fault (R), Wild Hog, Escobar, Slumlord (R), Inspector Mom, Gravedigger, Scotch, Ranger (R), Argyle, Cartwheel, Chuckwagon, Honey Boo Boo, Cramps, Frizzle, Stalker, All 9s, Hoist, Irrev, Short Haul, Peachy, Kenwood (R).

The Hollow’s 5 Year Birthday Party

Today is The Hollow’s 5 year birthday.  Lots of sweat and tears have went into making this AO a success since day one.  Much of that is due to the leadership of all the AOQs throughout the years.  With that in mind, the workout delivered by the former AOQs in order of their “terms”.  We missed JJ out there today, and hope he can one day get back out in the gloom in some fashion.

I pulled up about 20 minutes before the start to find the Graveyard shovel flag planted, so I knew they were bringing some PAX.  Then I saw Frizzle who has been MIA for a while.  Hopefully he gets back in the routine!

  • 1 minute warning, disclaimer, no FNGs, prayer

Follow me to the open parking lot and circle up for the warm-up.  I joined the circle and Gravedigger took over with…

  • Slaughter Starter (GD’s signature move)
  • SSHs
  • TTTs
  • IWs
  • and some other stuff

Next up was Inspector Mom who led us through these…

  • Slow Mo Merkins IC
  • Slow Mo Wide Merkins IC
  • Run
  • Squats IC
  • Sumo Squats IC
  • Run to the breezeway, bearcrawl about halfway, run to the blockpile and grab one
  • CFTGs
  • and some other stuff

Next up was Iron Mary who did

  • 11s with Block Thrusters and Block Swings with Cusak carries in between

Scotch finished us up with a string of exercises in the courtyard

  • Merkins, lunge to the lightpole, V-ups, lunge to the lightpole, Merkins, return doing Bobby Hurleys at the lightpoles, and finish with reverse lunges at the start point.
  • The next round we ran instead of doing lunges.
  • The next round we did Burpees with lunges.  Our 45 minutes came to an end about halfway through this round.

We returned the blocks and circled up for the COT, Announcements, Prayer (thanks to Irrev for delivering a solid prayer today, one thing I continually struggle with).


  • Keep off Twitter.
  • Urban Legend is open for business, Fridays at 5:15 at the 911 Memorial beside the Courthouse
  • This Saturday-vergence will be at The Hollow, led by Shawshank’s Cheers.

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