• When: 2020-09-15
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Lego, Soaker, Bing, Coon Dog, Ken Doll, Cheers

Running around Shawshank Just to Get Better

Ken Doll made fun of YHC for always having something nice to say about the PAX in his back blasts, so I’m going to say something nice about everyone in this one, except for Ken Doll. All of these men put in good work today, except Ken Doll. YHC was very proud of everyone’s efforts, especially those who are getting ready for the IPC this week, except Ken Doll. It was not the turn out YHC likes to see, but we had five strong men that got together to make each other better, the one exception being Ken Doll. It seemed that everyone had a great time with this one, even Ken Doll. When you make your selection in November for Lexington One School Board members, make sure you vote for Ken Doll. YHC cannot think of another person who is as strong of a leader as this man. Our children could use someone of his character to be on their side. Dang it, that Ken Doll always finds a way to make me say something nice about him.

Here’s how it went today:


Mosey to main soccer field

COP all IC:
– SSH x 10
– TTT x 10
– LBAC x 10 each way


Bear crawl to top of hill for 4 corners

4 corners, mosey to each corner in between:

Corner 1:
-Plank jacks x 20 (2 count)

-Carolina Dry Docks (Coon Dog Merkins) x 30

-Mountain Climbers x 40 (2 count)

-Flutter kicks x 50 (2 count)

Rinse and repeat for 3 laps

Mosey to middle field up top:
-Line up on sideline & sprint to midfield for Bobby Hurley’s x 25
-Sprint to sidewalk for Bobby Hurley’s x 25

Mosey to pull up station:
-Pull ups x 5
-Dips x 20
-Step ups x 20

Rinse and repeat x 3

Mosey back to shelter & get on your 6 for Mary:
LBC x 1 minute
Freddie Mercury x 1 minute
Hello dollies x 1 minute



– Contribute as you feel led to Ken Doll’s campaign for Lexington One School Board
– Iron PAX will meet at Shank on Thursday
– Gauntlet and SAFE Run TBD
– Ramrod and family (praise) on birth of their daughter
– Lizard Man safe travels to California and safety while fighting wildfires
– Shake n Bake during bone marrow contribution
– Levi Kohl’s
– Unspoken Lexington PAX dealing with family situation
– Lego, Dunphy, Ponzi, and Dooda
– Iron Mary’s M
– Nail Pop’s nephew

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