• When: 2020-01-14
  • QIC: Canseco
  • The PAX: Wapner, Arrears, Pick Axe, Fry Daddy (R), Sunday Driver, Booster, Canseco

Morning after National Championship football game

YHC knew the crowds would be a little to the lower side this morning as the National Championship Football game was last night (congratulations LSU) and there was also a heavy rain that crept through only 20 minutes before boot camp was to start and the threat of lightning was lingering. Fortunately, there was no such weather barriers preventing a good beat down from taking place.

Weather – 57 degrees and very humid (rain had just ceased 20 minutes earlier)


Opening Prayer

Warm Up: Mosey to the back of the school with some high knees and butt kickers along the way and circling up in the back teacher’s parking lot.

-10 squats IC
-10 Thru the Tunnel IC
-10 Little Baby Arm Circles x 2 in each direction IC
-10 Windmills IC
-10 Merkins OYO

The Thang:
Opener 3 burpees completed for being 3 pax less than other AO in Lexington last Thursday – Turning Point aiming to be on top with our pax participation

Mosey to the concrete benches and tables on the sidewalk and each pax find a spot on the benches.
Alternating between Dips and Incline Merkins, with a 3-5 second rest break in between each set, the pax did a ladder set of: 10, 15 and then 20 reps each of both exercises alternating after each exercises from the Dip to the inclined merkin.

Mosey around to the back of the school under the covered walkway. Wall sit and wait for the 6, meanwhile wall sitting pax on YHC calls raising arms overhead, out to the side and out in front and holding.

Random Core work: Pax all dropped to their 6’s and did 50 reps of LBC’s OYO

Burp and Merk: Drop and perform one burpee with one merkin, then on the second burpee you do two merkins in the middle, the third burpee you do 3 merkins….and so on, until you end at 10 burpees with 10 merkins done in the middle of that one burpee.

Mosey to the basketball court: Elevens from edge of court only to half court with Squats and Plankjacks.

Mosey back to the front of the school to the flag.

YHC would call each of the following exercises for a set of 25. After finishing the exercise, the pax would run to the next covered breezeway in the front of the school for a light jog of about 30 yards before the next exercise was called. All of these exercises were performed OYO count:
25 boxcutters
25 LBC’s
25 Hello Dolly
25 Freddie Mercury
25 Flutter Kicks
25 Superman (all extremities extended upward from the prone position)
25 American Hammer
25 Big Boy Sit Ups (BBSU)
25 Russian Twists (called twice because YHC wanted to feel the better burn)

At this time 13 additional burpees were done for 13 of the pax # that we failed to show and meet our goal of 20 each day

Announcements – none to speak of

Prayer requests: Corbett Anderson
praise – Booster’s father in law is showing great progress with his knee surgery post op recovery and may not need manipulation after all

Devo: Taken from Daily Maxwell, Scripture and Quote from July 17 2019

DO THE RIGHT THING. Doing the right thing doesn’t come naturally to any of us. As America’s first president, George Washington, said, “Few men have virtue enough to withstand the highest bidder.” Yet that is what we must do to develop the kind of character that will sustain us. It’s not easy to do the right thing when the wrong thing is expedient. Molière commented, “Men are alike in their promises. It is only in their deeds that they differ. The difference in their deeds is simple: People of character do what is right regardless of the situation. “One way that I’ve tried to control my natural bent to do wrong is to ask myself some questions (adapted from questions written by business ethicist Dr. Laura Nash)1. Am I hiding something?2. Am I hurting anyone?3. How does it look from the other person’s point of view?4. Have I discussed this face-to-face?5. What would I tell my child to do? If you do the right thing—and keep doing it—even if it doesn’t help you move ahead with your talent in the short term, it will protect you and serve you well in the long term. Character builds—and it builds you. Or as Dr. Dale Bronner, a board member of my nonprofit organization EQUIP, puts it, “Honesty is not something you do; honesty is who you are.”—Talent Is Never Enough DETERMINE TO DO THE RIGHT THING, EVEN WHEN IT HURTS.

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