• When: 2020-01-15
  • QIC: Stay Puff
  • The PAX: Wilson, Puck, Urkle, Shank (Respect), Doodle, Nub, Belding, Babe and Stay Puff

Fine, We’ll Run Where Wilson Wants To Go!

YHC planned on the Shealy Rd route and almost posted it the night before for any of those Pax that would want to meet up along the way or jump from behind a trash can and scare the hell out someone. But as we gathered readying ourselves for the run 1 Pax decided to voice his opinion as to where he would prefer to run (Q sheet is open Wilson).  So, the route was quickly changed to Bernard Mountain to the delight of only a few. Off we went luckily staying safe from a skunk that only a few even saw

Weather: Perfect

Prayer/Explain Route/Count

Route: Bernard mountain loop by way of Bernard to 23 and then veering off toward the sawmill.  Some went past Bernard on the way back around to grab extra distance and hills. Then back to the flag


Prayer requests for Mrs. Boozer on her surgery. Doodle and family

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