• When: 2020-06-09
  • QIC: PickAxe
  • The PAX: Hatchet, Wapner, Software, SundayDriver, GloboGym, SimonSays, ButterMaker, Boo, DARPA, Roadhouse

Minutes of Work

conditions: warm and extremely humid

At the usual location, on minute was called at 4:59, disclaimer given at 5:00 followed by a prayer.

Moseyed to teachers lot for warm up which included: windmill, TTT, ssh, flutter kick, imperial walker, all 15 IC.

Moseyed to block pile to pick up coupons, bricks or blocks as desired by each pax.  Lined up with coupons, at appropriate social distance, along covered picnic tables facing the pond.

The pax performed called exercises for one minute followed by a run to the fence and back. Exercises included: curls (up halfway), squat (with or without blocks), curls (from halfway up to top), lateral jumps over the block, curls (full motion), bbsu with block, block mercan, bent over row, flutter kick with block pressed, Bobby Hurley, chest press, lunge, block burpee.

Returned blocks and moseted to virtual shovel flag just as time expired.

Countarama, namearama.

Announcements: stomp the swamp in August

Prayer Requests: Canseco 2.0, Sunday driver friend – covid, Springdale employee – covid.

Devo: regardless how ill equipped you may feel to impact today’s large issues, remember you do have a circle of influence and focus on your influence there.


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